R&B Artist, TJ Boyce Premieres Single “No Panties” With an Eclectic and Soulful Sound

TJ Boyce, from Houston, Texas has a strong passion for singing; writing and producing with a new single out titled “No Panties” bringing a unique style to R&B music today.

Online PR News – 09-June-2012 – Miami, FL – Boyce shows off his soulful vocals as he gently instructs his partner, 'no thong, no bikini, no full bottoms/I just wanna freak your body.' The song's production is stellar. "No Panties" employs a hypnotizing beat to provide the ideal erotic backdrop for Boyce’s sexy bedroom talk. Boyce knew he took a risk with this track, from just from the title alone. But he believed in the record. Boyce explains, "I knew that the record was special from its conception."

As for the controversy, Boyce explains, "Sometimes, you have to go with your gut, regardless of what the opposition may think...Risks are a part of the game; this is risky business…No guts, no glory!"

Boyce’s upcoming EP/mixtape is entitled The Life, with no official release date as of yet, it will give people a look of what is to come in the R&B superstar’s musical career. It will tackle a few subjects, be something sexy, but also discuss real life issues.

About TJ Boyce:

TJ Boyce, from Houston, Texas, always wanted to pursue music. The son of a pastor and a former professional runway model, he studied the historical southern sound rooted in old slavery. This sound later influenced his profound vocals. Years following, Boyce moved to Midland, Texas—a smaller town where he was exposed to a plethora of different cultures. Boyce expands, “coming from ‘the south,’ I have been heavily influenced by some of the most profound musicians and musical talents in the world.”

Starting at the age of three, following in his mother’s footsteps, Boyce began singing in church. But it was not until he was 17, on stage with a mic, that he realized that he was a true performer. Boyce expresses, “I always wanted to be an entertainer, and it is where I am most comfortable.” 

And an entertainer he is. However, Boyce is a number of things: A lover, fighter, friend, artist, and dreamer. “I am a person who believes anything I set my mind to, I can do...The gift that I am just as great as any of the “greats” that have come before me.” With a strong passion for singing, writing and producing, it is no wonder he wants to fill the shoes of musical legends Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Jay Z.

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Jen Appel
Publicity Manager