Innovation in Manufacturing, Maintaining Competitiveness, & Client Centric Manufacturing Innovation

In response to business and retail customers, manufacturers need to become more innovative to offer flexible ways to respond rapidly and cost effectively to customer demands. This program will show how manufacturers are benefiting from innovation and new technologies.

Online PR News – 09-June-2012 – Greenville, SC – McNair Law Firm, P.A. will be sponsoring an InnoVision Forum on Innovation in Manufacturing, Maintaining Competitiveness, and Client Centric Manufacturing Innovation, on Thursday afternoon, June 14th, 2012. The panel will begin presentations at 3:00 pm; networking will begin at 5:00 pm.

The panel includes:

Will Franks, President of ICON Business Associates, Strategic Lean Manufacturing Resultants
Mr. Franks will discuss the innovations in lean manufacturing and the move from internal process improvement focus to external customer value focus. Discussion will also include the use of demand driven pull systems to drive a lean improvement strategy in manufacturing companies as well as the spread of lean manufacturing techniques to other business processes and to non-manufacturing industries.

Ryan Harrison, TTI Group NA, Anderson Concept Engineering
Mr. Harrison will share information on the newly created concept of ACE which is tasked with exploring new ideas and technology for the purpose of creating innovative solutions in the power tool industry. His topic also covers how the group functions, where they look for inspiration, and quickly creating the physical models to test the theories.

Melanie Sudduth, Regional Vice President; and Chris Wayne, Growth Services Manager; SC Manufacturing Extension Partnership
Ms. Sudduth and Mr. Wayne will present the South Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership Strategic Growth Acceleration (SGA) program designed specifically for small to mid-sized companies looking to grow. It is the only program to provide immediate improvements in sales and marketing, while also establishing a pipeline of growth ideas for the future. The foundations of SGA have contributed over $3 billion in growth nationally over the past 20 years, and been used by over 30 companies in SC to spur growth and save jobs.

Gary Tompkins, President and CEO of The Kidder Group
Mr. Tompkins is a recruiter focusing on seasoned executives in manufacturing or technically superior engineers and managers in the top 10% of their peer group. He will lead a question and answer session with the above speakers to highlight topics discussed in the individual presentations.

This event is open to the public; RSVP to Kathy Ham ( or by phone (864)552-9345.

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