Florida Company Releases Fleet GPS Program for Telecom Industry

Telecommunications companies that consist of a few to hundreds or even thousands of vehicles in constant operation on a daily basis have a responsibility to their fleet to effectively manage and oversee all aspects of driver performance.

Online PR News – 08-June-2012 – Lighthouse Point, Florida – It is not enough to make sure that all customer appointments have been met at the end of the day. How can a manager possible enforce safer work practices without monitoring what behaviors are currently taking place? To be productive as a whole, using the Drivers Alert Smart Risk monitoring system integrated with fleet GPS offers the ability to manage driver behavior, fuel costs, and maintenance and vehicle costs.

Fleet safety is a number one concern for managers and Smart Risk is the ideal program to help you quickly detect improper behavior and discuss the situation with the driver in order to avoid future accidents which translates into less liability for the company's whole fleet.

Smart Risk increases driver comprehension by developing more responsibility for instant actions with analysis and data of real time conditions. The idea of offering education with training affects the performance of the driver, subsequently increasing overall productivity.

To efficiently manage a fleet, Smart Risk combines all the functions you need into one program offering up consistent productivity when integrated with fleet GPS. Everything a manager needs is at the touch of a button to identify the problem, present an actionable item such as training to correct the situation.

As a Fleet Manager for a telecommunications company, overseeing hundreds of vehicles on the road at one time can be very challenging. Utilizing the Smart Risk monitoring system integrated with fleet GPS opens the door for increased communications, productivity and smarter behavior.