Real Estate Website Developer Releases Webmaster Tool: A List of U.S. Cities in an Easy to Use City Database

Real estate website developer and Joomla site developer Kevin Harper releases a list of US cities in the form of a nationwide city database for use by other web developers and web design professionals.

Online PR News – 26-February-2010 – – Nampa, Idaho - Real estate web developer and Joomla site developer Kevin Harper released a list of U.S. cities today for use by other web developers. The list is formatted in Excel, CSV, and MySQL formats for ease of implementation into a database environment.

Harper says that the city database product will save hundreds of hours of time by providing the information in the most popular formats for easy integration into website projects.

"When I first started doing real estate SEO, I spent far too many hours reinventing the wheel for each new project. I encourage others in the same position to take advantage of the time and effort I have already put into developing a quality city database for use on websites."

His list of US cities is designed for webmasters as a tool to get started building their web site rather than wasting time researching and collating reams of data. He says that early in his career he spent too much time crunching data.

"Now that I have the data, I can focus my creativity on the website project at hand, knowing that I have the proper tools to get maximum results."

As a Microsoft Excel power user, he encourages other web developers to increase their Excel skills to get the most benefit from this or any other data set.

Of course, it takes time to learn advanced Excel techniques for parsing data into MySQL statements. But he says the effort is well worth the time investment, and he'll be providing some resources in the future to help other webmasters build their Excel skills.

"The bottom line is that with this database, I can build Joomla sites with content items and menu links fully optimized for any city, county, or state in the United States. I wouldn't be as successful as I am as a webmaster without this list of US cities."

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