Apptha announces the launch of Magento FB Discount

Apptha, the storehouse of extensions and themes for popular CMS recently launched a Magento FB Discount Extension, Now store owners can target large number of buyers through the social network

Online PR News – 08-June-2012 – Chennai – Social networks are huge databases of prospective clients for product manufacturers. However, not everyone is clear on how to tap this huge database. Merely asking Facebook users to visit a manufacturer’s Facebook page is not enough. What is needed is a smart mechanism to make people share information or reviews about products, on the social network, and also buy them at the same time.

Apptha has achieved exactly that through their new product: Magento Facebook Discount

Their new product is all about creating more and more referral sales by using discounts as a small incentive. Today, store owners offer discounts at regular intervals. Although this brings in new users, the revenue from new sales is offset by the discounts. Secondly, when manufacturers frequently offer discounts, buyers resist buying at the original prices.

Using Magento Facebook Discount extension, store-owners can attract larger number of buyers by exploiting the viral nature of social networks. Facebook users are very likely to share information about new product they purchased, or attractive discounts availed, to their contacts. This brings in a whole new lot of eyeballs to a manufacturer. However, if the user does not make a mention about it, this advantage is lost. The Magento Facebook Discount extension prevents such an eventuality, by combining both the discount, and the Facebook update, in one go.

Once the e-store owner installs and activates this extension, the final page where the actual purchase happens carries a ‘Facebook Like’ button. If the buyer is already logged into Facebook, when he clicks on this ‘FB Like’ button, (s)he gets a discount on the purchase. At the same time, a message displays on his Facebook page that (s)he likes the particular product/sale/offer etc. This triggers curiosity in others who can click on the link in Facebook, in which case they are directed to the same Offer page. At the same time, e-store owners are able to retrieve relevant information about the user. Visitors who are not already logged into FB will be forced to do so when they click on the ‘Facebook Like’ button.

In addition to increased sales, what the Magento Facebook Discount extension achieves is the ease of announcing new product launches, new offers, new product upgrades etc by directing buyers to a manufacturer’s Facebook fan page. This is a better option than electronic direct mailers or printed collateral. For more information, one can visit :

As Mr. Balamurugan, COO of Contus Support, which is spearheading the mobile application development for Apptha says – “A social network is only useful to the extent it creates conversions for sales. More than merely grabbing eyeballs, what one needs to engineer are effective mechanisms for quick revenue generation.”

Apptha is another successful venture of Contus Support Interactive – a reputed web- and mobile- application development company. Understanding the popularity of CMS, Contus has come up with various extensions and themes for these CMS which help e-store owners take their Marketing to the next level. Contus can be contacted by phone (+1-718-717-2229) or through the website (