The recent research shows a tie between maintaining a normal sleeping pattern and metabolic rate

Bel Marra Health supports recent research that shows a tie between maintaining a normal sleeping pattern and metabolic rate.

Online PR News – 08-June-2012 – Pine Valley – Bel Marra Health supports recent research that shows a tie between maintaining a normal sleeping pattern and metabolic rate.

According to a recent report published in the journal PLoS One, maintaining a normal sleeping pattern may actually control the metabolic rate, decrease the risk of obesity, and help maintain a healthy body even after 50.

According to the scientific report, the metabolic rate and the risk of obesity may be largely influenced by one’s circadian clock. Using a mouse model that was subjected to various sleep patterns, the study showed that a shift in the nocturnal hours of mice resulted in changes in the feeding behavior and metabolism of these animals, thus increasing the risk of obesity. It should be understood that obesity in humans is strongly associated with excessive eating of junk food and other food items rich in sugars and fats.

The mouse experiment involved the restriction of sleep in mice for approximately two weeks and monitoring their behavior in terms of feeding, metabolism, and likelihood of developing obesity. The results of the study showed that mice deprived of sleep tend to consume more food, thus increasing their risk of obesity. In addition, these tiny friends of ours also showed changes in the biochemical reactions in the liver, thus disrupting the capacity to metabolize the food items consumed, which may eventually result in obesity.

Translating the results of this animal study suggests that obesity may develop from a simple disruption in sleeping patterns. A shift in our circadian clock simply would mean more hours spent awake and thus a greater chance of searching for food during the early hours of the morning. Junk food is generally the most convenient food item that is consumed during the late hours of the evening.

Spokesperson for Bel Marra Health Dr. Victor Marchione commented on the findings saying, “Shifts in the sleeping pattern may also result in changes in the metabolic rate, including that of the metabolism of sugars and lipids present in junk food. Actively engaging in activities that are strongly associated with obesity, including that of consuming junk food, and coupling this with changes in the work schedule may thus later possibly result in obesity.”

CEO of Bel Marra, Jim Chiang also put in his two cents, saying “The scientific report highlighted the importance of controlling the amount of food intake when working on the night shift because the metabolic rate of the body is slower during these hours. We often take sleep for granted yet this scientific report showed that this simple act of going to bed at regular hours could be the most effective method in decreasing the risk of obesity.”

(SOURCE: “PLoS One” Circadian Desynchrony Promotes Metabolic Disruption in a Mouse Model of Shiftwork, May 2012)

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