Employee Benefits Agencies Find Answers to Their Challenges with Industry-Specific Tools

Benefits Growth Network provides agencies with an online collection of tools and resources to help them grow profitably in the changing landscape of employee benefits.

Online PR News – 04-March-2010 – – St. Louis, MO – February 26, 2010 - Employee benefits insurance agencies often look for ways to differentiate themselves and compete in their local marketplace. It’s common for agencies to reach growth plateaus while at the same time seeing a squeeze on their profit margins. As a result, agency owners begin looking for help to resume their previous levels of growth and profitability.

Benefits Growth Network has collection of tools and resources that evolve with the needs of members and their clients. These are designed specifically to help independently-owned agencies and their producers increase revenues and get on the track to profitable growth. A key component BGN offers is a sales system which agencies can teach to their sales team, resulting in a consistent process and client experience.

Agencies are able to use and customize the materials to fit with their own agency brand and style. The sales system includes materials for stepping through the process from introducing the agency, to conducting a needs analysis, and finally to developing and delivering a plan.

President and agency coach, Kevin Trokey, says “Having a sales process is just one necessary piece to staying current and competitive in today’s information-driven business environment. Sales consultants must become lifelong learners and understand how to translate that into strategy for helping their own clients improve operations and profitability.”

BGN leads this example by staying on top of the business needs that agencies are facing. They make sure there are materials and resources available to help advise and guide the members through these needs. Some items include:

• tools to help management teams develop their strategic plans and keep the agency on track with their vision
• a collection of ready-to-deliver value-added solutions through third party service providers
• an idea exchange where members are able to share advice and best practices to help one another
• tools for turning generic business information into practical, client-specific strategies
• advice and articles about creating a culture of accountability and productivity

Some of BGN’s ideas and articles are also available to the public on their web site at www.benefitsgrowthnetwork.com.

About Benefits Growth Network
Benefits Growth Network, based out of St. Louis, MO, is an international membership-based consulting firm specializing in growth strategies for independently owned employee benefits agencies and brokerages. Through the exclusive Benefits Growth System™, members get individualized planning, coaching, training, use of proprietary systems and access to a network of thriving benefits agencies. For more information about Benefits Growth Network, visit www.benefitsgrowthnetwork.com.

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