On Schedule Rules Based Automatic Employee Scheduling and Schedule Verification

Rules based automatic scheduling and rules based schedule verification introduced to On Schedule employee scheduling software

Online PR News – 07-June-2012 – Nottingham, Nottinghamshire – Nottingham, Nottinghamshire - On Schedule – employee scheduling software - has had the functionality to automatically assign employees to shifts based upon typical scheduling scenarios for some time. The difference now is that you can specify variable start time rules and minimum and maximum working hours rules.
For example you may have a cleaning company and a client requires a 1 hour visit every Monday morning. The start time can be anywhere between 9am and 12 midday. You can now write this rule in to the schedule program along with other rules. The system will not only select the most appropriate staff member like before but will now select the most efficient time slot as-well.
So how do you determine the most appropriate staff member and timeslot? This is not a simple task in fact a competitor of ours charges as much as £3,000 per customer for a module which just does this calculation (our prices are massively more competitive). On Schedule uses many factors including staff availability, minimising travel distances, employee attributes and client required attributes, the role (in the example above the role is “cleaner”), employee ratings, employee requests for working hours and minimum and maximum working hours rules for the day and week – for individual employees and/or all employees.
The results are shown as a list of the suggested times and staff assignments. Uniquely, On Schedule scheduling software now allows you to make manual adjustments to the schedule. Simply assign different staff members from our signature traffic light colour coded lists. Green for good, orange for OK and red for wrong. You may find you want to deliberately break a few of the entered rules to make the schedule fit.
Once you are happy with the schedule you can click finish save it. Finally you can use the rules to verify any given week against any rule set you have created. The system tells you which rules are matched and broken and which shifts do or don’t match rules. Some users prefer not to use the automatic system for assigning shifts but use the schedule rules to verify shifts entered manually.