San Franciso Cosmetic Dentistry Expert Discusses Disadvantages of Energy Drinks

Cosmetic Dentistry expert in San Francisco warns against the consumption of energy drinks and acidic sports drinks.

Online PR News – 06-June-2012 – San Francisco/California – SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - It's common to see adolescents consuming sports drinks at gyms and sporting events in an effort to refuel. What these teens don't know is the damage sports drinks cause to their tooth enamel.

After a recent study about the effects of sports drinks on dental health was published in the May/June edition of General Dentistry Dr. Greg Larson decided it was important to discuss the study, in addition to the consequences of consuming sports and energy drinks.

The study tested nine energy drinks and 13 sports drinks. Human tooth enamel was immersed in a drink for about 15 minutes and then placed in artificial saliva for two hours. To have results consistent with teen behavior, this process was repeated four or five times every day for five consecutive days. After five days, deterioration became evident. The researchers found that energy drinks were twice as harmful as sports drinks.

The study was performed in this way to replicate the fluid intake routine of a large amount of American teenagers, according to Dr. Poonam Jain, the study's author and lead researcher. “Most of these patients are shocked to learn that these drinks are essentially bathing their teeth with acid.”

Because the study was not performed on actual humans, the American Beverage Association made a statement that said the study was unrealistic to human behavior. It continues on to state that blaming foods or beverages for tooth deterioration is irresponsible and an individual's susceptibility to cavities and tooth erosion depends on a person's dental hygiene behavior as well as lifestyle, overall diet, and genetic make-up.

Tooth enamel is what protects teeth from cavities or decay caused by sugars or acids that are found in sports and energy drinks and in other products with a large amount of sugar or acid.

To keep teeth healthy, eat a balanced diet that is low in sugar and acid. Also research beverage ingredients before consumption.

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