No No Hair Removal System

No No Removal Hair System
The Hottest concept in hair removal in a long time.

Dr. Recommended No No Hair Removal System is a unique innovation for women and daily shaving. No No Removal uses a thermodynamic wire to transmit heat to the hair.

Online PR News – 06-June-2012 – Sacramento, CA – Technique called Thermicon based upon a scientific principle of thermal transference to conduct gentle pulses of heat to not only remove but to permanently remove hair.

No No Hair Removal System uses a patented thermodynamic wire and has built in safety mechanisms enabled to be safe and effective use for using at home or where ever you happen to be.

Pain-Free and Easy to Use:

When using No No you will not experience any tearing, pulling or scraping of your skin. Just a smooth, slow gentle glide which is removing your hair without you feeling anything at all. No No device has a built in light signal that even lets you know when you are using it correctly. No No Hair Removal System is so convenient, compact and comfortable to handle, carry and travel with in its cute carrying case.

Even comes in 3 colors: Pink, Silver and Black!

No No Hair Removal works on all skin types, all hair types, coarse hair and thin hair, just as well. You don’t have to shave at all while using No No, cause it replaces all shaving. How long does it take before you see results so that you can stop using No No so often? Well some say it works well enough after a few treatments and some say it takes about 4-6 weeks before they see longer lasting results. Either way, it will always beat shaving!!