Local Roof Company Gives Advice On Roofing Sacramento Homes

Summer is peak roofing season. Local roofing Sacramento Company shares advice on how to schedule roofing projects. Read on for more information.

Online PR News – 06-June-2012 – Sacramento, CA – Yancey Home Improvements – With summer here, many local homeowners are eager to get started on roof repairs and other home improvement projects that are best done when the weather’s dry. Yancey Home Improvements, a Sacramento roofing company, offers homeowners roofing tips.

Yancey Home Improvements have been roofing Sacramento homes for almost a decade. In its years of service the company has encountered many homeowners in dire need of roof repairs but has forgotten to schedule and arrange for a service in time. To make it easier for homeowners, the Sacramento roofing contractor provides the following tips:

Consult a weather forecast before scheduling.
Roofing projects are rarely finished in a day, especially if homeowners are having major repair work or replacement done. While the days following Memorial Day weekend are almost always dry and sunny, consulting a weather forecast is a good idea. For Sacramento homeowners, Yancey Home Improvements notes the following problems:

• Water damage. Sacramento often has surprise summer showers. It may be sunny one day then rain the next. If the project has to be stopped while incomplete due to a conflict in schedule, the homeowners’ whole home, not just the roof, is at risk of getting soaked even with tarps in place.

• Damage from falling debris. An unfinished roof is an unstable roof. Loose shingles are the least of homeowners’ worries if they pick an unfit schedule for roofing in Sacramento like during a day of sudden rain.

• Unfixable damage. Scheduling a roofing project too late may lead to a replacement instead of a repair job. Leaks and water damage, if left too long, may compromise a homeowner’s entire roof system.

Plan according to scope of project.
A roofing schedule will let homeowners plan their activities if they want to be around and available to contractors during the project. If it’s an extensive project, homeowners may also need alternative shelter for that time period. Homeowners are advised to ask contractors how long the project will take and if he can guarantee the number of people working on the roof for those days. A missing man or two can delay roofing in Sacramento especially if the contractor does not have a back-up plan to replace the missing workers.

Book early.
Many homeowners put off scheduling roof repairs until after Memorial Day weekend. Opting to get the project done after the event is fine, but what homeowners often forget, according to the company, is to book early. In Sacramento, the peak months are usually in late spring and summer. They have less precipitation that may disrupt the work process. Roofing in Sacramento is best done in these months so homeowners are advised to book early to score a spot.

For more information or tips on roofing Sacramento homes and other attending inquiries, Yancey Home Improvements advises homeowners to check its blog at http://yanceyhomeimprovements.com/projects/.

About Yancey Home Improvements
Yancey Home Improvements is a local roofing company in Sacramento that’s awarded an A+ grade by the Better Business Bureau. The company is also a Master Elite roofer of GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer.