TimePirate.org Launches Web Site Representing Barcelona Artists

A new website focused on Barcelona based artists brings collectors of contemporary art and artists together outside the gallery system

Online PR News – 05-June-2012 – Barcelona, Spain – TimePirate has launched a new website which represents visual artists who live and work in Barcelona, Spain. The website will enable global collectors to easily view artwork in detail, obtain in-depth information about the artists, and communicate directly with the curator all without ever stepping into a gallery.

“Many talented artists find it daunting to seek representation in ‘brick and mortar’ galleries”, says photographer and curator Julius Schön. His decision to create the portal TimePirate.org to connect artists with potential collectors was due to meeting people on both sides who found the gallery system challenging. “Collectors also find physical galleries limiting,” said Schön, “Collectors in New York or London have little idea of what happens in Barcelona, or when they do visit galleries they often feel pressured to purchase artwork.”

TimePirate.org is a portal to original contemporary art. Collectors can view paintings, sculpture, and photography in private. Potential buyers can communicate with the curator directly to determine if the collector and artist are a good fit. Unlike some web sites that offer limited edition copies, the paintings and sculptures available are one of a kind. New artists are added only after a studio visit and they must show they are actively pursuing their art career.

Schön lived in Barcelona during 2008-2011 where he actively participated in the arts community and where he continues to build a co-operative network of emerging artists. “I’m optimistic about the opportunities for these artists through world-wide connections and am considering branching out to other major art centers like Berlin or Paris in the future,” he said.

About TimePirate: an on-line Art Gallery currently representing multi-media artist Pieter Roose, painters Fran Salisbury and Koichi Sugihara, and sculptor Carlos Mujica.