ResumeLines, A Site That Can Help Applicants Find Executive Resume Writing Services, Offers Tips

ResumeLines, a site that can help job seekers find the right resume writing services and offers job tips to help them find the perfect new job.

Online PR News – 05-June-2012 – EDWARDSVILLE, IL – A site that can help match up job applicants with top online resume writing services, ResumeLines offers job seekers some of the tips it has compiled over the past few years. These tips are ideal for all types of jobs, from entry level all the way up to executive level jobs.

Tip #1: Take out the fluff. Resume fluff is a killer and should be avoided. Fluff can be statements that can be made about anyone, such as 'goal-oriented,' 'accomplished professional' and 'excellent communicator.' These words don't actually describe job seekers at all and just take up valuable resume space.

Tip #2: What's in it for a company? Imagine an HR professional who has received hundreds or even thousands of resumes for a single job posting. If an applicant's resume doesn't clearly and instantly spell out how the company can benefit from his or her experience and expertise, the HR pro might just move on down the line.

Tip #3: Don't focus so much on education. While education is important, when someone reaches an executive level, education is actually secondary. Unless job seekers attended an Ivy League school or a school that's particularly well known in his or her industry, it's best to lead with experience and not education.

Tip #4: Use references. One way to make a resume stand out is by using references from past employers and employees. Want to show off past experience as a manager? Include a testimonial from an employee. Just make sure these testimonials are true, heartfelt and follow tip #1 -- no fluff.

Tip #5: Consider using executive resume writing services. Getting a resume professionally inspected and reworked by an expert can help job seekers immensely. Having a second (or third) pair of eyes look over a resume means that job seekers can be sure that their resume offers the specific things employers are looking for.

"We've designed these five tips as a great starting off point for people who are looking for employment. The executive job market is a tough one to crack into and is especially complicated when you figure how many people are out of work. Instead of taking chances with your resume, consider coupling these tips with one of the professional resume writing services," said Heather Eagar, of (

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