Dr. Errol Gluck of Gluck Solutions Launches New Podcast Series

Gluck Radio focuses on lively, off-beat discussions with interesting characters as well as hypnosis

Online PR News – 06-June-2012 – New York – How old is too old for sex? Meet Hattie Retroage. She is a 76-year-old, self proclaimed “cougar”. She continually sleeps with men more than half her age, still looking for the right person to give her heart of gold to. If you thought that sexuality ended with menopause, think again.
Dr. Errol Gluck of Gluck Solutions starts his new podcast series with this octogenarian. The episodes focus on unusual characters, lively discussions, interesting visionaries, authors, healers, and others. The goal is to show that YOU too can follow your vision, and that we are all have a unique story to tell.
The Gluck Radio podcasts were launched as alternative avenue to inform people ways live their lives. They present a full, in-depth discussion and interview that lasts for about 45 minutes to an hour. Dr. Gluck usually starts with a brief introduction and starts with probing questions that reveal what the person is really about and how they got where they are. The audience is anyone looking for ways to enrich their lives, and to hear off-beat solutions to life.
Other recent podcasts include, “What is exactly is Tantric sex? Find out as Dr. Gluck interviews intimacy expert, Carla Tara,” and, “The Renaissance man: What does a modern day Renaissance man think about? Meet Tom Avitable, author, director executive, musician, and the list goes on.” Hypnosis will also play an import aspect in the podcasts.
Dr. Errol Gluck, CMH, of Gluck Solutions, focuses on hypnosis in NYC and is a Medical Hypnotist and Executive Life Coach. Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists to both practice and teach Clinical Hypnosis, Dr. Gluck has gone above and beyond to create an approach based on his 34 years of experience, his personal philosophy, and the patients themselves. Aside from helping some of the most powerful CEOs and athletes in the country, Dr. Gluck has also served as a public speaker, educator, advice columnist, and is currently the featured Hypnotist and Life Coach on "Living Better with Laura Smith" on WABC radio. He is a proud father of two daughters, and lives with his wife in Manhattan. For more information, please visit www.glucksolutions.org