Online Support Better Provides Answer For How To Add PST In Outlook

This release convey users knowledge about free online support from the company to provide answer to the query how to add PST in Outlook while using Add PST software.

Online PR News – 06-June-2012 – Florida – Gothenburg, Sweden, June 5, 2012-This release gives information to users about free online support from tech support department 24X7 to know how to add PST in Outlook with Add PST software. Company informs that there is 100% online support available for customer queries. Online support team of the company is reliable, helpful, and useful.

"When you import multiple Microsoft® Outlook PST files into Outlook, they feel somewhat hopeless and danger of losing data hovers in their mind. For those who are using Add PST software for the very first time and perplexed with the thought of high technicalities in the application can contact us. We make things easier instead of making complicated. We reveal easy most solutions for you when you are unable to resolve query how to add PST in Outlook." said Joseph Cain, head of support team.

Via support recent software updates provided to make users aware what new is added in the software for Personal License, updates are provided free of cost for one long year and for Business License, for as long as two years. Support team is liable to help when trapped with difficult situation. If situation is utterly critical and user is unable to take decision, then suggested for Remote Access Installation service available at nominal price. Other than this, if query is highly irresolvable then support provides direct developer support. This hence would to provide best possible answer.for more detail:

According to Evan Swans, head of product development team, "Our support department is most trusted place where users can avail their most of the answers." He speak about features of Add PST software, "Software flawlessly imports unlimited PST files in Outlook 32 Bit and 64 Bit, speedily imports unlimited PST files to Outlook in bulk, filter PST file from other data to import to Outlook and many other features queued. It also provides record report of the PST files which are importing by file name, PST file size, and system path. It provides you status report of PST file on adding bulk PST files to Outlook at a time. It provides option of marks like done and not done to maintain record."

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