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Many think that a moving company is a simple operation, get movers on a truck to take things from point a to point b. That is definitely not the case. Moving Companies have staff, movers (temporary and permanent), drivers, leads from potential clients, trucks of all sizes, insurance, logistics around pickup and drop off locations, pricing estimates for the size and location of jobs, payroll, and much more. Yes, moving companies can simply rely on a calendar schedule, ad hoc pricing and crew assignments. But to provide the best service to a moving customer, while operating in the most efficient way possible, moving companies could use help from a smart system. The basic idea is that by optimizing schedules, converting leads, standardizing pricing estimators, and allocating the right staff to the right jobs, moving companies can maximize their profits.

MoverBase ( is a system that aims to be the smartest solution for moving companies to optimize their operations.

So, what is MoverBase?

MoverBase is a feature rich web-based system that allows a moving company to run its operations efficiently. Moverbase is used by a number of moving companies across the United States and Canada, and soon will be available in the UK and Australia.

It’s quite simple. Moving Companies can sign up for a free Moverbase account at They then go through a simple wizard that quickly adds their company information, trucks, staff, client lists, and even sets up a moving job. Once this is done, the moving company can begin to centralize all of its operations in a system that is accessible from any web-based computer or mobile device.

So, let’s look at some basic MoverBase functionality

When you have a new client, MoverBase has a place to store all of their information. When you’re scheduling a move, MoverBase asks for date and time, then automatically lets you know which employees are available to work. How? Well, MoverBase also has an intelligent scheduling system. Staff can enter days they are free to work. Days they have been scheduled to work automatically show up on their calendar. So, MoverBase knows whose free and tells you when you’re scheduling new jobs.

An estimator returns with a checklist of things that need to be moved. But what are the dimensions? What size truck with you need? MoverBase knows. It has an inventory library filled with typical household items. Remember that MoverBase is mobile. Estimators can pull out their iPads or smart phones and access the system. Now they’re just a touch away from packing up clients. Large couch, click. Lamp, click. Kitchen table, click. After the estimate is complete, you know whether you need the large truck or the small truck, whether two, three, or four movers should be scheduled, and about how long it should take. This gives you the power to plan effectively.

MoverBase is an intelligent web-based Moving Company System

It’s the end of the month and you’re dreading staying late to figure out payroll. Papers are stacked 8 inches high and you can’t make out what’s scribbled on them anyway. This month seems to have been busier, but you’ve lost track of finances. Guess, what? MoverBase monitors payroll, profits and revenues! Well, what does that mean? The Reports feature is designated to help you track your finances. MoverBase does calculations for you based on rates you’ve already entered.

MoverBase is so intelligent that it helps you boost sales. It tracks potential clients and reminds you to follow up with them. MoverBase tells you which jobs you have each day, week, and month. MoverBase knows employee skills and helps you assign them to jobs accordingly. You can send company announcements for everyone to see, making communicating with your staff members very easy.

Is MoverBase Free?

Yes, MoverBase has a free plan. This provides moving companies with all the functionality needed to use the system and become acquainted with it. MoverBase also has excellent staff that helps clients if they have any questions. There is a limitation to the free plan. The MoverBase free plan restricts moving companies to 10 moving jobs per month.

For companies that outgrow the free plan, Moverbase has a MoverBase pro plan that provides unlimited use of its entire functionality. The pro plan does not limit the number of jobs that a moving company can do per month, and charges just $1.99 for each moving job.

MoverBase also has a MoverBase Fleet plan for larger enterprises. This provides all the functionality and reduces the per job cost.

Typically, moving companies start with the MoverBase free plan, and graduate to the MoverBase pro plan when they are ready. Companies will always have the ability to upgrade and downgrade when they wish, and this is especially helpful due to the seasonality of the moving industry.

Smart moving companies are run efficiently

Moving companies operate in a very competitive environment. Good service is key to winning business. Service is directly related to using the best movers with the right trucks. Converting leads efficiently can impact the bottom line. Knowing how well sales and profits are compared to previous months or the same time in previous years helps determine best strategies. MoverBase was created to bring such intelligence to the moving company owners and operators.

About MoverBase

MoverBase manages the operations of a moving company. You can schedule jobs, manage clients & sales, allocate movers & drivers, operate dispatch and logistics, customize your price estimator, track job sales, communicate to staff, get real time notifications on move status, and much much more . MoverBase makes your moving company more profitable.
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