Summer Sliders: Mobile Boutique Now Offers New Slider Beads For Jewelry Construction

Online retailer Mobile Boutique introduces its brand new line of jewelry slider beads just in time for summer.

Online PR News – 04-June-2012 – BRECKINRIDGE, MI – Online retailer Mobile Boutique introduces its brand new line of slider beads just in time for summer, making it possible for bead enthusiasts to create expensive looking jewelry at a fraction of retail cost.

As the leading retailer of unique cast metal beads, online retailer Mobile Boutique is always looking to expand inventory and offer new products. Over the last few years, the cost of costume jewelry has been steadily rising. However, these costume jewelry items are usually made overseas, using cheap labor and cheaper parts. A large markup is placed on these items and they are then sold at large retailers or women’s stores. Too often, women complain that the quality does not match the price.

at least three thousand dollars

"I buy jewelry often at the mall, but it doesn't hold up," claimed Tasha Pendergrass, a college student in Ann Arbor, Michigan, who estimates that she has spent "at least three thousand dollars" on beaded jewelry that didn't survive the test of time.

Mobile Boutique offers the components to make your own trendy jewelry at a fraction of the prices of craft supply stores. By buying these components online and assembling the jewelry, consumers can have exactly the product they envisioned at a fraction of retail cost.

Mobile Boutique's selection of 2 hole slider beads features inspirational messages, like "follow your heart" or "create your own destiny." The crystal slider beads are available in different colors and gemstones. These charms can be coordinated to create expensive looking jewelry. Pandora bracelets feature similar charms which cost anywhere from $40 to $60, but Mobile Boutique offers the raw materials to produce them at a fraction of the premium Pandora price.

The possibilities opened up by Mobile Boutique's new line of slider beads extend far beyond creating a standard charm bracelet, however. These beads lend themselves to many applications, from simple brooches to dazzling headbands and striking pendants. The 2 hole slider beads offer the ability to embroider the bead to fabric in two separate places, for increased durability. The crystal slider beads use genuine Austrian crystals, set in platinum silver. Though the platinum silver is of the highest quality available, very little of the metal shows; thus, the crystals are the centerpiece.

"These beads can be used as a fun activity at a kid's birthday party, to create bridal party gifts, for Christmas or birthday gifts -- the possibilities go on and on," claimed Helga Hatfield, a spokesperson for the company. "The ability to personalize and really get what you want is something that no company has been able to deliver at this price point before."

Mobile Boutique offers free shipping to the US with any offer over $100, and accepts payment through PayPal. Delivery typically takes less than a week.

Mobile Boutique is an online retailer specializing in jewelry supplies and unique cast metal beads. The site offers a large selection of trendy and timeless jewelry supplies at a fraction of mall or craft store prices.

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