SpartaMatrix Inc. is an international security solution provider with award-winning technology and top engineering teams.

Online PR News – 05-June-2012 – Los Angeles and California – SpartaMatrix Inc. from USA is MLC’s strategic partner and lead developer of the project.
SpartaMatrix Inc. is an international security solution provider with award-winning technology and top engineering teams.
• solutions for port security, logistic and infrastructure
• experience in construction of ports, airports and logistic centers
• expertise in security intelligence, surveillance technology, data security, alternative power resources
• technology accredited by Australian government
• over 50 alliance partnerships worldwide processors.
SpartaMatrix™ Systems provides cutting edge technology designed to maintain traditional drill down data, as well as to capture and graphically portray relationships among multiple pieces of information of various types, such as text documents, database records, images, maps, bathymetric data, weather reports and correlative Web pages.

The primary goal of this seamless system is to enable the Port to better and more quickly comprehend the contents of very large, complex, and heterogeneous information collections. First, our system captures relationships that closely approximate the way humans naturally relate information, and second, it depicts graphically the relationship structures to make them easier to understand which ultimately enables Port Management to make quicker decisions.

Costs are significantly reduced and abundant new commercial opportunities come to light.

In addition: SpartaMatrix information visualization network modeling can be used to analyze computer network data, such as data from the SMI Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDSs). Unlike most existing dedicated network visualization technologies, the SpartaMatrix licensed software is not limited to a few predefined, fixed fields. As a consequence, Port IT Managers have complete flexibility in terms of the types of information they can associate with nodes (e.g., machine-specific information, such as installed security patches) and edges (e.g., NIDS log data). This provides the Port with a powerful capability for jointly analyzing the full range of information types which may be available to network administrators.

Individual NIDS log entries describing suspicious connections among computers, with the nodes representing the individual computers (IP addresses) referenced in the data will identify that a breach or “intrusion” has been discovered, then the display of the SMI system has a color-encoded warning according to the "warning level" of the connection, with bright yellow indicating the most critical events. Using the SpartaMatrix NIDS, once identified, the intrusion will be stopped immediately.
Our clients have a 360-Degree technological edge using the SpartaMatrix™ Cyber
Security systems support as a part of their multifaceted Global Compliant Operating System (GCOS™ ) including:

1.) Infrastructure Security Engineering processing with censoring powers.
2.) “Best of the Breed” Technological Access Systems (TAS)
3.) Dependable Strategic Tools for Ensured Competitive Superiority

The four Core Applications which SpartaMatrix provides:

1.) Port Security & Commercial Management Intranet
2.) Response Web Mapping
3.) Snapshot File Systems
4.) Optimized High Performance Network Security

Note: SpartaMatrix™ applications are to be provided in two contemporaneous user friendly formats:
a.) the “traditional” for established drill down analysis.
b.) real time informational and relationship visualizations.