K9 Korral offers FAMILY FUN Dog Training Classes in Florida

With K9 Korral, Dog owners can now drop in FOR PUPPY, agility and fly ball sessions without having to wait for a NEW CLASS TO BEGIN.

Online PR News – 19-June-2009 – – K9 Korral, a recently opened dog training center, meets all Florida dog training and Florida puppy training needs. This is one of the best dog obedience classes in the Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch and Bradenton area. They offer drop in puppy, flyball and agility classes. They also offer shaping classes and Doggie Anonymous sessions. All these are the newest services offered by K9korralobediencetrainingcenter.com.

K9 Korral offers doggie anonymous sessions to pets that have extreme behavioral issues. When enrolled for this program, two behaviorists will work with your pet to understand issues and help resolve them. For more information on K9 Korral dog training services visit http://www.k9korralobediencetrainingcenter.com .

K9 Korral will provide highly positive training that will help get rid of negative habits learnt by pets and make them learn new and positive habits. Most of the time the training dog owners give to pets are negative training. They repeat to their pets what they are not supposed to do, rather than training them on things that pets should do. With patience and holistic approach, it is possible to train even the most stubborn pets. K9 Korral helps with their exclusive training packages.

Sarasota, Florida - Dog training is an art. Not all of us are gifted with this talent but all of us want to have well trained dogs. There is no doubt that we love our dogs and that we consider them as part of our family. However, when they do not listen to us, they can soon become source of irritation. It is much easier to handle trained pets than pets that are not trained. What we need is a good dog trainer. However, many people advertise themselves to be dog trainers and that they love pets, it is not enough to love pets to be a good trainer. It takes much more than that to be a good trainer. Dog trainers need to understand pet owners first before they can train their pets. Pet owners need to be trained as much as their pets. Each pet’s condition is unique and each pet requires individual attention. That is why people should not learn to train pets by reading pet training books.

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