The introduction to Tiger Arena and Temple of the Crying Elephant by Vietnam Travel Depot

Tiger Arena (Ho Quyen) is one of the most historic few sites still stands today in Vietnam, the fighting place between animals, especially are elephants and tigers, much to the glee of the royalty as well as to assert the unbeatable strength of battle elephants

Online PR News – 26-February-2010 – – Attempting to bring back these sites, Vietnam Travel Depot made a trip and be pleased to present to tourists.
The construction of the site began in 1830 after the ceremonial fight for King Minh Mang ‘s 40th birthday on the northern bank of Perfume river, a tiger suddenly broke free and threatened the King by charging toward him. Afterward, the King chose the land near Long Tho Hill to the west of the capital as permanent arena to hold fights and named it Ho Quyen. The stories of area are still kept spreading among the communities but beginning to fade with the passing of time from the day of the last fight was in 1904 during the reign of King Thanh Thai ( the 10th king of Nguyen Dynasty)
Just some steps from Ho Quyen is Temple of the Crying Elephant where the elephants were worshipped, those achieved great feats in battle fields. Locals called the temple “ Dien Voi Re”
Ho Quyen and Dien Voi Re symbolized the invincible strength and vitality of the Kings

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