Find Soft Bamboo Nappies And Blankets For Babies at Ettitude

Bamboo fiber is very soft and comfortable and textiles made from this fiber are also smooth with a beautiful natural sheen surface.

Online PR News – 05-June-2012 – Preston South – Ettitude offers their customers the finest bamboo products ranging from bath and toiletries, sheets, duvets, and clothes and other items for kids, children, and adults.

Ettitude is an Australian company whose main lines are all bamboo-related. They use bamboo fibers in most of their creations, from pure bamboo nappies to blankets for babies. Ettitude’s bamboo products are also used in nursery linen, being eco-friendly, durable, naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-allergic. Ettitude’s line of kids clothing is made from bamboo fiber, which is known to be much softer and more absorbent than cotton. Ettitude is known to be very into the green movement and their choice of bamboo fiber for their products makes it the right choice.

Bamboo fiber is very soft and comfortable and textiles made from this fiber are also smooth with a beautiful natural sheen surface; very fine bamboo fibers sometimes feel like cashmere or silk. Ettitude’s bamboo nappies are one such product making full use of bamboo’s properties. This miracle fabric is also known to adjust to body temperature as it is made up of millions of tiny pores in the fiber. Ettitude uses this property to make their nursery linen for babies. This means that babies stay cooler and more comfortable in summer.

Bamboo fibers are also known for their anti-microbial properties. It is used in bed linen for households where children and adults suffer from allergies to bed or dust mites.
Bamboo fiber is certainly eco-friendly, being one of the greatest renewable forest resources. It is reputed to be one of the world's fastest growing plants. There is no need for any pesticides or fertilizers to help it grow worldwide. Ettitude is very careful when sourcing their bamboo products and select only those manufacturers who are eco-friendly helping to create a more sustainable world. Their nursery linen is also the perfect choice for parents worried about exposing their babies and children to chemicals. Ettitude’s blankets for babies have been created exclusively for them, making sure that they maintain their quality. Ettitude’s sheets have been manufactured from pure bamboo fibers that are breathable, luxurious, and also offer many eco-friendly benefits to users.

About Ettitude: If you find any of the above products to your liking, visit this green Australian company at their website, to check out more of their range of products. The range is quite extensive and covers a magnitude of eco-friendly products for everyone.