Insomnia Treatment Without Side Effect Causing Drugs Now Possible Through Binaural Beats

An Oregon based company now offers a side effect free harmless cure to insomnia. Binaural beats help to unwind and relax after a hard day’s work. Drugs are the most common choice for people suffering from insomnia.

Online PR News – 05-June-2012 – 5/28/2012, Portland, Oregon – Portland, Oregon Drugs are the most common choice for people suffering from insomnia. But they certainly aren't the best option. An Oregon based company, now prescribes the use of binaural beats as a safe and side effect free alternative to drugs. Binaural beats refers to the process of stimulating auditory responses resulting from the interaction of two different auditory impulses.

Thus, the headphone that plays this music presents one sound to one ear, but a different sound to the other ear. These sounds differ in frequency; the difference can range anywhere from one to 30 HZ, but the sounds are below 1000Hz. But the human mind that hears both these sounds interprets it differently; it actually varies from the original sound.

Although drugs have been prescribed for more than 200 years, their history has been a story of improving safety. Even now, the supposedly safest medications aren't without their share of side effects. There have been instances where patients have had no knowledge of the fact that they raided their fridge or went for a drive the night before. Besides, these medicines cure symptom, but don't really address the cause. Ironically, even though the pharmaceutical industry spends millions of dollars on researching for novel ways to cure insomnia, it wouldn't accept a treatment that is drug-free.

Skeptics argue about the worth of this system, claiming that the resultant changes are merely due to a placebo effect. However, researchers who have studied the psychological effects of the Brainwave Entertainment system on the mind have concluded that people suffering from stress, insomnia, headaches, migraines and PMS have benefited from the use of binaural beats.

"In fact, one study even went to prove that the effects lasted even after the treatment was withdrawn, thereby suggesting that the improvements could be permanent. Of course, there's a lot of statistics to prove that users can produce these frequencies on their own after being induced with binaural beats. But there's no denial that they're a safer alternative to drugs," says Sami Sahli, of Binaural Beats Info.

About Binaural Beats Info: This Oregon based company provide drug free alternative to common problems such as stress, insomnia and headaches by using binaural beats.

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