Automated Income Machines by Stephen Pierce Assures Huge Cash Flow 24/7 with 60 minutes Effort

Ace online marketer Stephen Pierce announces his AIM (Automated Income Machines) training program where he has discussed how to earn huge cash 24/7 using free internet videos

Online PR News – 05-June-2012 – 5/29/2012, Richarson, TX – Richarson, TX Exciting news for those who desire to make some extra income online without much effort - Stephen Pierce comes up with his package of AIM or Automated Income Machines that guarantees huge cash flow 24 x 7 with just a 60 minutes effort a day. Pierce himself is an ace online marketer and the AIM package introduced by him is a compilation of the money making strategies used by him to make it big online.

AIM from Pierce is actually a home study training course where the seasoned internet marketer has revealed that his secret of making huge money over the internet is using the free of cost online videos. "I do understand that everybody over there is looking to make some extra cash today. I have provided for instructions as well as online tools which will help you to achieve big like me", says Stephen Pierce adding that this is a proven strategy which enables him to earn 78,854.64 USD from a single automated machine within 3 months.

When inquired into the money making process it was found that the individual here is to create a thirty second video which Stephen claims won't take more than 10 minutes. The next task is to upload the video on Software provided from Pierce's AIM package. The ace online marketer has promised that video uploaded on his provided software is sure to stay optimized in Google and YouTube pages.

"You will start making money when others would click on the affiliate link lines from your search engine optimized videos. With my guidance and software you are sure to find your videos going up on the Google Video, Google and YouTube", adds the leading online marketer.

Pierce's complete AIM package comprises of a number of things - like 2 manuals on Niche Cash methods and Keyword Research plus a Reference Guide on Affiliate Programs. Besides, Stephen has also provided for many tutorial CDS, the software to upload videos & many other support programs. The marketer has provided step to step instruction for every strategy suggested by him. He has also shown his success specimens.

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