Joel Bernheim: Despite Falling Divorce Rates, Fathers' Rights Still Important

Recent economic stress and more divided incomes in homes have contributed to a considerably lower rate of divorce in America. Joel Bernheim, a fathers’ rights activist, feels that custodial decisions should also reflect this idea of an equal household.

Online PR News – 04-June-2012 – Chicago, Illinois – While Americans are so used to hearing the harrowing statistics of high divorce rates, they may be shocked to learn that divorce rates have actually fallen in recent years. A recent CNBC report highlights these changes by citing the U.S. Census Bureau‚Äôs periodic report. The article states, ‚ÄúIn the 1996 survey, the proportion of men ages 40 to 49 who were ‚Äėever divorced‚Äô was 34.1 percent; by the 2009 survey, that number had dropped to 28.5 percent.‚ÄĚ Joel Bernheim, a fathers‚Äô rights activist, is encouraged by these numbers, and feels that they reflect a change for the better in American families.

stay-at-home mother

The CNBC article observes this drop in divorce rate as a result of changes in the economic atmosphere. In the 1970s, divorce rates went up because more women could afford them due to the women‚Äôs liberation movement. In many cases, courts had to assess each parent‚Äôs income when it came to custody of the child. Ex-wives were often granted custody, since they had filled the ‚Äústay-at-home mother‚ÄĚ role, and ex-husbands were required to provide child support, since they often earned a greater portion of the income.

The article claims that today’s recession-era couples now share financial obligations or take turns serving as the home’s breadwinner. Often times, each spouse will take the financial responsibility while the other pursues educational or career goals. This also means that they are splitting responsibilities in the home. Today, it is not uncommon to witness a stay-at-home father undertaking domestic responsibilities, while the mother works full-time.

As an individual who has faced several issues as a single father, Joel Bernheim has become a leading voice and activist concerning the fathers’ rights movement. He believes that while many families are staying together, there is still a great number that face divorce. As the article observes, many of today’s fathers are heavily involved with familial relations and should be granted the same chance to care for their child as a mother.

Bernheim observes that while the above marital changes may be evident in today‚Äôs American households, he feels that divorce courts have not been as quick to adopt these new perceptions. ‚ÄúThe issue remains that in many cases the judicial system still views the mother as a stay at home mom who gave up her education and/or career to raise her family. Therefore they justify the often illogical, post-decree divisions of estate and future income.‚ÄĚ While he continues to fight for fathers‚Äô rights, Joel Bernheim regards this CNBC report as a good sign that eventually the playing field for parents will be equal and non-biased.

Joel Bernheim is the Executive Vice-President of Operations at the Illinois Company Asset Recovery Solutions, LLC. As a single father, Bernheim is well-versed on the nature of divorce and parental rights. He is an activist focused on the advancement of the fathers’ rights movement, and contributes to related charities and organizations.