The MAG UK Has Released Its New Products - Natural Astaxanthin

The MAG UK has released its new products - natural astaxanthin, to make pet more health, it is now famous company in animal medical field.

Online PR News – 03-June-2012 – Howard Lake, MN – The MAG UK pet nutrition experts have found that astaxanthin is the world's strongest natural antioxidants after many years of research. Pet through the consumption of natural astaxanthin can effectively clear oxygen free radicals in intracellular, to enhance the ability of cells to regenerate and enhance the vitality to aging, to maintain body balance and reduce the aging cell accumulation, health from the inside out to protect cells and DNA, thereby protecting the health of the skin, promote hair growth, in particular, can promote re-growth of hair removal parts – making dog's fur more bright.

Astaxanthin is a red carotenoid found in algae, fungi, and phytoplankton matter. Some aquatic species, including crustaceans, including shrimp, crab eat the algae and plankton, and this pigment is stored in the shell, so they look red. Shellfishes are eaten by fish (salmon, salmon, trout, Gary fish), birds (flamingo, ibis), chicken and duck, and then to store the pigment in the skin and fatty tissue. This is the reason why salmon and other animals showing the red part.

England MAG launched a pet nutrition - natural astaxanthin in strict accordance with European Union EU-GMP and EDQM production standards developed for the unique physiological structure of the pet. English MAG's natural astaxanthin selects high-quality natural astaxanthin, with special added ultra-concentrated lecithin and Iceland seal oil, in strict accordance with the international advanced production process, the use of fully closed purification and automated production to ensure the nutritional health and safety of the product. It is the best product for pets to keep the skin health, beauty hair, enriched anti-aging, strengthening the immune system, protect the eyes, the activation of brain cells and ease the movement fatigue, and enhance the vitality.

It is reported that the British MAG Corporation (MAG UK) animal medicine and health global leader, are committing to continuous innovation, development and production of high-quality, high potency and high-security professional animal pharmaceutical products, and striving to provide excellent technical resources of the veterinarian, Education and Promotion and professional services, in order to protect animal health and welfare and contribute to the community. Now, British MAG Corporation, France Merial, and Netherlands Intervet, are known as the three giants of the animal medical field.

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