Announces That One Can Now Buy Twitter Followers At Wholesale Prices

Buy Twitter followers! has become a popular phrase these days But why? Social media has become something vital for the success of companies online and the 140 character micro-blog better known as Twitter is one of the best modern marketing tools that exists.

Online PR News – 02-June-2012 – 06/02/2012 Orlando, Florida – One of the top 5 social media reseller websites in U.S.A dedicated to supply "Twitter followers", announced today their new low prices where is possible to buy Twitter followers at wholesale prices to rapidly grow one's Twitter followers.

The rise in popularity of marketing through social media networking has created a valuable branding and visibility tool for businesses of all sizes, worldwide, according to Imel Seda, president and CEO of AddTwitter-Followers.Com. Along with fellow entrepreneur Allan Robertson, Add Twitter- Follower's admin, Seda set out to "deliver an effective and affordable way of using Twitter for businesses to increase one's page rankings in a short time period without the need to hire a marketing consultant to accomplish the task and without the worries of getting a Twitter account banned like other social media reseller websites would do."

When these 2 young entrepreneurs were asked over the phone, why would people choose to buy Twitter followers from this particular Twitter supplier website instead of other already known sources they rapidly responded that "their pricing is extremely competitive, probably the lowest in terms of cost per follower, so low that their prices are wholesale prices" Seda added that among their customers there are entrepreneurs, artists, politicians, "too bad Newt Gingrich didn't buy his followers from us", Seda added, webmasters, SEO firms and recently they have built a list of almost 30 other social media reseller websites that buy followers on twitter from them to sell these same followers at higher cost in other similar sites.

This company's pricing to grow the Twitter followers for any company or business at wholesale prices runs for less than a cent per follower(s), with packages available in groups of 900+ to 1300 for only $9.99 USD, 1500+ to 2500 for $17.99 climbing up to their best offer yet of 50,000 followers on Twitter for a mere wholesale price of $225.99 USD making this package the favorite one among their customers. The delivery time is estimated to one to several days or weeks, depending on the package purchased. The return on investment, Seda says, "would be hard to match using any other online advertising method". They also offer advertising and marketing tips to help optimize one's social media marketing strategies using Twitter via their 2 blogs, one in "Blogger" and a "Wordpress" blog.

Seda's long time partner, entrepreneur and admin of AddTwitter-Followers.Com A. Robertson said that for only 52.00 USD flat, anyone can safely strengthen their Twitter followers count in a week or less; a celebrity can enhance their social credibility and popularity among an audience so broad it's unprecedented; small businesses benefit immensely when they know they can reach up to 80 percent of followers on Twitter in the U.S., and send an instant real-time message to the American marketplace.

We asked if there was any difference between growing followers in an organic way and buying them, getting a quick response from Robertson, stating that Buying twitter followers from addtwitter-followers is no different than generating them on one's own time, only a lot faster. Much faster - and "critical" when one's competitor is already boasting high following numbers.

With the help of social media reseller websites like this one, businesses, organizations, firms, and/or individuals could expand their Twitter footprints from 16 percent to reach 75 percent of their followers on Twitter in less than a month.

Asked about the guarantees they said that when the consumer chooses to buy followers on Twitter they guaranteed the delivery of 100 percent real profiled followers on Twitter and 100 percent guaranteed full+ delivery. In addition, with the purchase of 25,000 and 50,000 followers one can save over 75% compared to other Twitter followers suppliers company, both entrepreneurs stated over the phone.

"When it comes to the new upward trend in social network marketing, the mantra is that one has an identity that needs to be seen," Seda says. "Imagine a business has a Twitter account with 20 or so followers, and the competitor has 5,000 followers. Numbers attract numbers and that a proven fact"

For more information, visit their website and learn more about how to buy twitter followers safely. is an Orlando, Florida - U.S.A based social media strategist marketing firm focused on the hottest trends in online marketing for businesses, celebrities, and individuals who want to get noticed rapidly using Twitter.