IT-NetLogistics publishes an IT Security Policy suitable for use by small to mid-sized companies.

IT-NetLogistics, a national provider of IT outsourcing services has released five free articles on IT / document security policies developed by their Director of Technology, Don Moore.

Online PR News – 04-June-2012 – Las Vegas, NV – These free documents can be used as a template to produce your own unique procedures or they may be used in their entirety to comprise your company's document security policies.

We are happy to release these free IT / document security procedural guidelines in a structure that can form the backbone of any business office's document security manual. Many smaller businesses do not have written policies on laptop and document security, and IT-Netlogistics is pleased to be able to contribute these articles in an effort to improve overall data security in a wide variety of businesses.

These noteworthy free policies cover security details pertaining to:
• Clean Desk Policies - securing confidential information
• Document Shredding and Disposal Policies
• Email Security Requirements
• Encryption Information - protecting customer and company data
• Laptop Use and Security

While countless businesses operate with modern technology, it is remarkable how many suffer from losses related to security lapses, so this free series release is a genuinely valuable event in the business community. Particularly in fields where the business is required by law to protect its client's information and privacy, or if data demands security, these documents can provide a good starting point to enhance the security policies of any company or organization. For privacy for other reasons, IT-NetLogistics is clearly the go-to service provider for all things IT related.

*IT-NetLogistics generously authorizes their clients and any readers to use these documents for their own use and the use of their companies. It-NetLogistics does not authorize any further publication of these documents without written consent.

Get these free document security policies at the following link: