OCDTribe introduces new OCD support online section on website featuring news

Leading destination for OCD support online, OCDTribe, has announced the introduction of a new news section on its website. This news section, as the name suggests, will contain OCD and health news from all around the world gathered in one single place.

Online PR News – 04-June-2012 – California – Carlsbad, CA, May 31, 2012: The world’s leading destination for OCD support online, OCDTribe, has announced the introduction of a new section on its website. This new section will feature news related to the condition from all around the world.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Ryan FitzGerald, the CEO for OCDTribe, says, “In a bid to offer better OCD support online on our website, we have decided to add a new section to it. OCDTribe members can now find news about general health and OCD from all around the world in the new section. They will be able to get the latest updates on the condition gathered in one single place – from research and medications to everything else that is related to the different forms of OCD. It will be one of the best features that the website can boast of apart from the OCD support groups that are already present.”

OCDTribe is a patent website under the WebTribes Inc. Network. It offers unique solutions to people looking for OCD support groups and other forms of OCD support online on the internet. Based on the universal belief that sharing hardships and communication between people who understand each other is therapeutic, the website offers certain features that help and encourage members to do exactly that. Its range of features includes OCD support groups, blogs, forums and chat rooms, which keep its members interested and occupied along with helping them.

Adds Mr. FitzGerald, “We have consistently tried hard at building a unique one of a kind website with unique features where people dealing with OCD can enjoy the company of other people who understand them best. All of the features on our website, be it our therapist blogs or our are easy to access and use, and we constantly try to innovate and add new features which we think may be useful to our users in some way. Keeping our members content and happy is our number one concern.”

For more information on the new news section and OCDTribe, please visit www.OCDTribe.com

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