Global Smart Building to Smart Grid Interface Software Market worth $1B by 2016, Predicts Memoori

Memoori publishes a new report on the emerging business of interfacing Smart Buildings with the Smart Grid.

Online PR News – 04-June-2012 – London – In many developed countries, industrial and commercial buildings consume 40% of all generated electrical power. Interfacing the Smart Grid with this building stock provides large scale opportunities to balance electrical supply and demand particularly as Smart Buildings are already fitted with fully automatic DDC controls.

Much of the technology is already in place for both Smart Grid and Smart Buildings to benefit from interfacing and integration. It will not require vast sums of money to bring about; Memoori estimates approximately 1% of the total cumulative investment required to facilitate a global Smart Grid.

Memoori predicts that the average annual aggregated spend on both the Smart Grid side and Smart Building side for interface software will be approximately $1 billion in 2016 and demand will peak in 2020 at $2.2 billion. The current global spend on interface products for Smart Buildings is not likely to be exceeding $100 million.

In the US, approximately 80,000 sites in the commercial sector offer a high propensity for Smart Building to Smart Grid interfacing. The world population will be over 250,000 buildings. The size of the world market for Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS), DDC controls that monitor and control environmental plant in commercial and industrial buildings, was $13.39 billion in 2011.

At 89 pages with 11 charts and tables, “The Smart Building to Smart Grid Interface Business” report reviews the growing business of interfacing Smart Grid with Smart Buildings to bring about a synergy that will increase the Return on Investment in both businesses. Its objective is to assess the potential size of this market and set out all the important factors that will shape the business in the next 5 years. This is an attractive growing business because it delivers an attractive ROI and its future potential cannot be underestimated.