Founder Of North American Timeshare Industry Innovates With Timeshare Executive Headhunter Firm

Keith Trowbridge, acclaimed author, innovative businessman and father of the contemporary timeshare system, applies his hard-earned acumen in the timeshare realm to timeshare executive headhunter.

Online PR News – 04-June-2012 – Los Angeles, California – Sometimes it’s hard to believe that only 40 years ago, the entire idea of a timeshare, or shared ownership property, was only a glimmer in the eye of Keith Trowbridge. In the infancy of the timeshare industry, the entire premise was built on one-month property leases rather than fractional ownership we traditionally know today. A common endeavor of European travelers with long, allotted vacation months, the timeshare itself had to be revamped for American audiences.

Timeshare executive headhunter Trowbridge, seeing the timeshare industry as something that could be tweaked to be more affordable, feasible and simple for customers on this side of the Atlantic, knew he was the man for the job. Calling upon his years of experience as a consultant and developer for a wide array of different commercial enterprises, Trowbridge was able to reformat and repackage the entire idea to be palatable by American audiences years before he endeavored into the world of timeshare executive headhunter.

“Nobody then even knew what a timeshare was,” remembers Trowbridge as he looks back on the evolution of his career. “A lot of the marketing we did was also education.”

It was 1974 when Trowbridge, future partner in timeshare executive headhunter firm, Executive Quest, Inc., became enthralled with the timeshare industry. Spearheading the entire operation in a “one-man-band” style, Trowbridge gained public support by printing an array of attention-grabbing, educational newspapers about the burgeoning industry, allowing him to inform as well as sell.

Customers started to warm up to the idea once they understood the benefits of the “vacation by the slice” model. Trowbridge also formed a public and self-expanding network of lawyers, businesspeople and customers associated with his the industry to help legitimize the entire system for those skeptical or on the fence about purchasing.

Timeshare executive headhunter Trowbridge’s first timeshare endeavor – Sanibel Beach Club in Florida – sold every one of its 31 units in less than 18 months. Trowbridge became trusted and lauded by clients because of his no-nonsense, low pressure sales approach. A PhD laureate from University of Michigan, an MBA holder from Bowling Green University and a celebrated sales veteran, customers were attracted to him because of his honest, educated approach: even if a customer changed their mind about a purchase, he or she could rescind for a full refund. In just a few short years, the timeshare industry exploded from eccentric vacation arrangement to accepted property ownership alternative, all at the hands of Trowbridge, who was destined to later become a timeshare executive headhunter.

Having roles in over 35 timeshare establishments since Sanibel, the timeshare industry is forever indebted to Trowbridge for his improvement and refurbishment of the entire idea. A true prodigy in the field, Trowbridge now turns his attention to timeshare executive headhunter – that is, facilitating personnel selection for filling the roles of the timeshare industry’s most influential and important jobs. At his company, Executive Quest, Inc., Trowbridge remains a pioneer of the timeshare industry, but in an entirely different sense. By dovetailing the skills and abilities of executives in the industry with resorts and companies in need of skilled professionals, he again propels the industry forward.

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