Icing on the Cake for GMAT Test takers after 5th June 2012

5th June 2012 will be a historic day for Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). From this day onwards, GMAT Test will be in its much awaited incarnation.

Online PR News – 04-June-2012 – Delhi – Next Generation GMAT, as it will be called, will contain a new section named Integrated Reasoning section.
Integrated Reasoning section will be of 30 minute and will contain 12 questions to measure the ability to analyze the data in different formats (graphs and tables) and from different sources.GMAC, Graduate Management Admission Council, is introducing this section in GMAT on the basis of feedback received from several B-Schools to make the Test more relevant in today’s changed scenario.
The Test takers, who will take Test from 5th June onwards, will be doubly benefitted. Not only these candidates may get preference in admissions in B-Schools but also they may be in demand in corporate world. As per GMAC’s Corporate Recruiter’s survey, large majority of global employers find the four specific skills - namely ‘make judgment based on information from multiple sources’, ‘organize information to see relationships that solve multiple inter-related problems’, ‘combine and manipulate information to solve complex problems’ and ‘synthesize information presented in graphics, texts and numbers’ –to be measured in Integrated Reasoning section to be very important and useful. As per GMAC survey in 2009, large number of management faculty world-wide mentioned the new 30-minute section to be important for new students in management education.
“This has been called the era of big data, and it is increasingly evident that the future will be claimed by those able to see the critical patterns among overwhelming complexity,” said Christine Poon, dean of The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business and former vice chairman of Johnson & Johnson’s board of directors and worldwide chairman of the Pharmaceuticals Group. “It is no surprise that GMAT would be the test to respond to the need of business schools and management programs to identify students with these skills. They have been the gold standard for as long as I can remember, and they continue to innovate and reset the bar for everyone else.”
The Integrated Reasoning section will be scored on a scale of 1 to 8 in intervals of 1. As per GMAC, the scale of 1 to 8 was chosen to reflect the available precision of the IR section. The test consists of 12 questions, most of which have multiple integral parts. GMAT test takers must answer correctly each integrated part to get credit for the question. Like Analytical Writing Assessment section score, Integrated Reasoning section score will not be released as part of unofficial score card given at the test center. This score will be given after around 20 days as part of the official GMAT score.
Several expected GMAT Takers were in dilemma, whether to take Test before 5th June 2012 or after. Now with 5th June almost there, the candidates’ doubts should disappear and they must fold up their sleeves and include Integrated Reasoning in their GMAT Prep.
Candidates will find Integrated Reasoning questions to be very simple, logical and interesting. They must keep in mind that the performance in IR will not only help in admission in B-Schools but also in launching in corporate world. Snapgmat.com has come up with lot of questions on Integrated Reasoning and candidates buying snapgmat.com package after April 2012 are getting these questions as part of the GMAT Preparation package without paying anything extra.
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