SEO Company Pakistan introduces new methods of link building

Luqman, CEO of SEO Company has told they have made the brand new SEO methods which has been applied on a new Turkish Hotels Chain Business last night, New SEO methods are not building links via directory or social bookmarking submission, articles and press release etc.

Online PR News – 26-February-2010 – – Luqman that is running world’s largest SEO Company named during speaking in a Link building conference which took place in Lahore Pakistan has told this morning they have revealed new link building strategies which has started working out for us and our Search engine optimization and Search engine marketing customers.

Luqman said, without Link building you can just think of getting search engine rankings now a days as due to huge competition online just content, a great CSS design and a wonderful CMS or even Blog would not help at all, one needs to build high PR and High quality links to let search engine crawlers no, your website appears on authority sites anchor text.

He said, this is the brand new link building strategy which has been implemented on a small website of ours which is about Textile, we have revealed it is a white hat way of link building and no one gets hurt, be it Search engines, Spam removal team or their search engine crawlers, and this is working for us and for our customers. We have opted to this link building strategy last night for a customer from Istanbul Turkey in Hotels business in Istanbul and it has worked out.

Just in matter of 2 hours their website was crawled by Google and Yahoo and we can see rankings on number of keywords we have been assigned coming up in Search engines like, he further added, we have finally noted this is the best way of building high quality links, high quality links by bearing with search engine rules and regulations.

He expressed, our team of link building specialists keep spending a huge amount of time building such strategies which are helpful for everyone involved, be it our link building or search engine optimization and search engine marketing team. Before opting to the said link building strategy we have seen the both sides of this new one way link building strategy and I can safely say, They are working and remain the one part of white hat SEO.

Luqman added, due to this new link building way, we are more likely going to introduce new price and package plans for link building and SEO services, he added, many of SEO Companies must be thinking, we have just revealed a new link building strategies by submitting our links and content to directories, social bookmarking websites, articles and press release directories or even forums or blog commenting, rss feeds, or blog submission and so on which is not the case.

This is a brand new link building strategy which helps customers get high quality in-links, quality links which are rated by search engine crawlers and put enough wait for you to get search engine rankings.

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