Dreaming of Rims: How mAuto Store Performs Illusion With Hubcaps

Automotive accessories online retailer mAuto Store rolls out new type of hubcap. The brand new product is sure to shock clients.

Online PR News – 01-June-2012 – Aventura/Florida – The latest car accessory coming out of mAuto Store is a brand new type of hubcap. But not just any hubcap, it looks just like a rim. The company has at the center of its new campaign what could be the best thing since automotive sliced bread and the product is expected to launch June 1, 2012.

At the start of its latest journey the online startup faced two problems – hubcaps were not seen as cool and people were driving around with naked wheels. CEO and Founder Lester Mapp said he wanted people to know that hubcaps could be cool too and set things in motion to change both hearts and minds.

Creativity and innovation are two main ingredients in the company’s game plan. Now the dynamic startup has another feather in its cap. They have basically taken a product that people are familiar with and have turned it into something newer, bolder and more advanced. It’s not the latest operating system but it is just as thrilling and attention-grabbing.

Rims are known for their showy flair but they can surpass the average person’s budget and can be difficult to install. For those who don’t want to sacrifice individuality or too much money a set of wheel covers is the most practical compromise.

The moment a hubcap falls off it needs to be taken seriously and should be replaced immediately so the company has on virtual display a wide range of trendy styles to suit any taste, from the classic to the downright intergalactic. With a wide range of sizes starting from 13” to 16” hubcaps, every shape, pattern and finish has been explored from chrome to black paint.

When a company takes products as simple as wheel trims and rolls them out onto the streets with mAuto’s unique brand of passion and flair something magical happens. People change their point of view because they are moved. No one can come into contact with the startup and come away unaffected. The company’s love for cars and willingness to meet clients’ needs are positively contagious.

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