MyCostaRican Releases Its New Dating Website

New Dating Site Geared to "Bridge the Gap" Between American Men and Costa Rican Women, Finding it's Niche Within the Online Dating Industry - MyCostaRican Analyst

Online PR News – 04-June-2012 – San Antonio-Texas – It's not uncommon to see television series, movies and news reports featuring older, wealthy, average looking males with stunning beauties by their sides. These images as well as images of excess and prosperity flood American media outlets daily (even in this up-turned economy). The American male has seemingly come to expect nothing less, even if he's been dealt a lesser hand. Some American men are led to believe they should be living in a 5 bedroom home with a supermodel wife by a certain age, but realistically only a small percentage live this lifestyle. Self loathing can set in if one hasn't achieved a particular status by a certain age [mentioned in The Handbook of Midlife Development-John Wiley]. It should be understood that people can't always control their financial situations but in today's information age, a person should no longer have troubles finding someone who is searching for them in return. There are far too many people in the world with internet access for anyone to settle for anything less. tries to cater to this niche by bridging the gap between Central American Women and American Men. While this is a small percentage of the world's demographics, it's a good start.

Enter the age of online dating... More and more people finding themselves unhappy with their love lives are beginning to realize that the internet can be used for more than just emails and uploading pictures to Facebook. As social media expands and the taboo of online dating diminishes, new websites are emerging to cater to the more specific demands of it's users. There are now dating sites that cater to religion, age, sexual preference and almost anything else that can be imagined. has joined the movement of targeted online dating and has created a pretty useful product in the process.

The philosophy of "Bridging the Gap" between Central American Women and American Men seems to resonate well. These are two parties that seemingly need each other. One can easily understand why an American Man would want a beautiful Costa Rican Woman, but what would a Costa Rican Woman see in an American Man?

Right off the bat, some would suggest a beautiful woman from a underprivileged country would jump on the opportunity to marry a US citizen and leave him once the ink dries. This is not the case in many documented U.S. to foreign marriages. Like American Women, foreign women are attracted to stability, security, and confidence but with much less emphasis on wealth and physical appearance [as colorfully illustrated in the Happier Abroad online article]. Many attractive American women would require a man to have all of the above, but with foreign women he doesn't necessarily need the latter. Attractive American Women can be very selective and highly sought after, which discourages many from even trying to communicate with them. But wait, there's a whole world out there...

MyCostaRican is poised to serve as a bridge to this match of mutual needs. Of the dating sites catering to Latin Women and American Men, there are many mail-order-bride networks, sex geared sites, or sites to be avoided all together due to their questionable content. The saturation of these sites can be frustrating for those looking for a good website to meet good people. MyCostaRican cuts through this grease and offers a user friendly website where real people are searching for real people. It is a U.S. based site which was founded by a former U.S. military servicemember. It is also 100% user run, which means there is no third party interference between it's users.

MyCostaRican uses Spanish to English translation software within it's pages, which eliminates the need for translators and translation services. This allows you to communicate with any member as often as you'd like in real time [a great idea for it's Spanish speaking users].

This site is highly recommendable for American men looking for a woman they could bring home. Also recommended for Central American Women looking to meet great American men, without being exploited by match-making site scams. MyCostaRican boasts hundreds of users willing to take a chance at finding love outside of their country's boundaries. These are exciting times in the world of online matchmaking.