By Popular Demand, Art Bronze Offers Free Shipping for Buyers of Collectible Remington Statues

Art Bronze, an online art retailer specializing in collectible bronze statues and statuettes, is pleased to announce its offer of free shipping for any customer buying a Remington Statue through its online store.

Online PR News – 31-May-2012 – Burbank, Calif. – Bronze is a metal alloy consisting mostly of copper mixed with other minerals such as silicon and manganese; it has been used by humankind for thousands of years and maintains its popularity to this day. Historically, bronze has been used for armor, weapons, tools, and art, with the latter purpose being bronze's most common usage in today's society.

A bronze statue will last forever and they are beautiful pieces of art.

The demand for bronze art has always been high. Bronze statues have been found throughout six continents and virtually every century, and they historically have been prized and displayed in museums and homes alike. Companies such as Art Bronze bring bronze collection into the 21st century, continuing the bronze tradition by connecting artists and customers with its online store.

As a premier online art dealer specializing in selling bronze statues, bookends, and sculptures, Art Bronze has sold hundreds of art pieces throughout the country. Art Bronze seeks to increase America’s appreciation for the alloy by offering all of its customers free shipping for any purchase of a Remington statue through its online store.

"Bronze is the ideal metal for casting sculptures. Bronze has the unique capability to capture all of the detail present in the original model created by the artist while having the structural strength to support the form. A bronze statue will last forever, and they are beautiful pieces of art," claims Ian Killips, the President of Art Bronze.

"Obviously, bronze art pieces don't come cheap. When you compound the cost of a statue with the cost of shipping that same statue, it can get expensive, especially when the piece in question weighs over 50lbs. So to help alleviate the burden of the cost on our customers, Art Bronze will now provide free shipping within the U.S. and Canada for any of the Remington art pieces we have for sale, regardless of their size," Killips continued, adding that free shipping is something customers have wanted for "a while."

Art Bronze is an online art dealer that specializes in the selling of bronze statues, statuettes, and other art pieces. Since it first opened in 1974, Art Bronze has helped artists sell fine bronze art pieces to interested customers around the globe.

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