Landscape in Phoenix Weather Mandates Organic Mulching

Working on lawns, gardens spas and porches of any home or commercial complex, Sergio’s Landscaping has created a niche of its own in Arizona’s landscaping services.

Online PR News – 04-June-2012 – Phoenix, AZ – Basic ground work essential for Phoenix landscaping

Taking care of the basic details like the soil content, its moisture, and its fertility is very important for any tree and plant growth. Working in Arizona, across the salty water prone localities of Phoenix is a tough challenge. Sergio’s Landscaping Services is one of the brands that have successfully made its mark with basic grounding details like sod installation, weed control.

Where and what the company works on

Mentioning about grounding details and basic landscaping work, they have been in the landscaping industry a couple of years now. Dealing with lawn services in Phoenix, located at AZ on 3346 East Oak Street, the company has worked on domestic and commercial dwellings with equal zeal and vigor.
Rock and sod installation, fertilization, weed control, winterization, tree pruning and removal, Bush trimming and Hauling, Landscape/Lawn maintenance, Dethatching, Aeration, Tractor Work, High weed clearance, New lawn installation, Sprinkler repair- these are the prime work areas the company concentrates on.

Why should you choose sod installation in Arizona?

Extreme heat in Arizona, reaching up to 48°C in summer and dry weather makes plants die due to scarcity of water. Also, the earth goes very dry and bereft of moisture content causes the flower beds loose the shine and color. Sod installation is a good method of retaining moisture content for the soil. Sergio’s landscaping Phoenix works on various types of grasses and especially turf grass sod installation for water retention.

What is the need for organic mulching?

The Sonoran desert of Arizona is drought prone and the perennial trees tend to dry up. This makes the life span of the green foliage really small and more expenditure on the landscape maintenance. Working on organic mulching is a good method the company has adapted to keep the sol fertile.

Mulching is both organic and inorganic- where some materials that can retain the moisture of the soil bed are introduced. Sergio’s landscaping Phoenix has worked on both the mulching processes and now suggests organic mulching the better mode of soil care.

About Sergio’s Landscaping Arizona- the Company works in and around the Arizona on both residential and commercial landscaping. Their landscaping work includes rock and sod installation, aeration, dethatching, mulching among the most common regular requirements.