Boca Raton Tae Kwon Do School takes 19 medals at State Tournament

Twelve Boca Raton Tae Kwon Do athletes from Millennium Martial Arts took 19 medals at a state competition.

Online PR News – 04-June-2012 – Boca Raton, FL – Team Millennium of Boca Raton, Florida competed in the 2012 AAU Florida State Championship in Orlando on April 28th and 12 students brought home 19 medals. Master Gerard Bonaparte, along with his wife Jennifer, an AAU State and National Champion, Instructor Logan Hogberg an AAU State and National Champion, and Chris Conti, an AAU State Champion, trained the team for this year's competition.
The Boca Raton Tae Kwon Do Team Millennium was put together by Black Belt Master Gerard Bonaparte and his staff. Bonaparte runs the Boca Raton school as an Olympic style academy.

"We help every fighter compete at their very best," Bonaparte said, "everyone here is on a personal journey to reach their black belt. It doesn't matter how long it takes."

Master Bonaparte said reaching one's black belt is not a matter of efficiency. Rather it is a lifelong focus and desire to grow in discipline. The Millennium program is made up of recreational students with the desire to compete and achieve their black belt. The Boca Raton Tae Kwon Do School teaches the art of sparring and forms to develop strength and agility. The school helps students control their speed and improve their balance. Flexibility and reaction time are also essential to training and competition. In addition, the academy encompasses total body conditioning and perseverance in spirit and confidence.

The academy inspires local athletes to compete at their highest level. Success is not measured on medals. Rather, each student determines his or her goals and works to achieve them in cooperation with their instructors. The Boca Raton academy is supported by volunteers who donate their time and talent for the success of all its members.

The medalists are:

Chris Conti, Black Belt male 14-17 year old division Gold-Sparring

Sophia Velesco , Black Belt female 10-11 year old division Gold-Sparring Gold-Forms

Owen Mallott, Black Belt male 10-11 year old division Silver-Sparring

Roberto Spadavecchia, male 33-42 Executive Division Silver-Sparring Bronze-Forms

Bruce Adlar, male 10-11 year old Advanced Division Gold-Sparring

Maria Spadavecchia, female 7 year old Intermediate Division Gold-Sparring Gold-Forms

Dino Spadavecchia, male 8-9 year old Intermediate Division Bronze-Sparring Gold-Forms

Jacob Evans, male 8-9 year old Intermediate Division Bronze-Forms

Alec Palacios, male 14-17 Intermediate Division Silver-Sparring

John Rogol, male 43+ Ultra Division Intermediate Gold-Sparring Gold-Forms

Isabella Maharaj, female 12-13 Novice Division Gold-Sparring Silver-Forms

Nicole Maharaj, female 14-17 Novice Division Gold-Sparring Gold-Forms

If you are up to the challenge and want to know more about Boca Raton Tae Kwon Do School, visit the website or contact Master Gerard Bonaparte at 561-705-1470. Participating in this Olympic sport could be your next invitation to train your mind, body and spirit.