Richard Poche Seeks Funding for Independent Horror Film

Richard Poche is well known for being one of the top horror film directors in the San Francisco area.

Online PR News – 02-June-2012 – Alameda, CA – Producing an independent horror film is no simple task. However, Richard Poche has his eyes on the prize and is currently seeking funding for five upcoming zombie tales. Through the use of the platform, Poche is hoping to raise enough money to get his plan off the ground and running.

With many years of behind the camera industry experience, Poche is hopeful that his plan will be funded in the near future so that he and his cast can begin filming.

"We are very excited about the five shorts that we have planned out and are ready to film," Poche said. "That being said, this is not something that happens overnight. We need the money to move forward with this project, ensuring that everything moves forward smoothly and that we get the distribution necessary for everybody to see the films."

Fortunately, Poche plans on moving forward with the project regardless of how much money is raised online. This is why he has set a very low milestone, simply hoping to get people involved while also raising awareness of the films.

Any amount that is raised through will be used to add the necessary VFX to certain shots. Along with this, some of the funding will go towards recouping the cost of production. The more funds that are raised the more special effects and sound design Poche and his team will be able to add to the shorts.

About Richard Poche

Poche is no stranger to the industry, as he has been a director for many years. Each and every one of the short films were directed by him. Since the early years, he has been a fan of zombie movies with a love for Argento, Fulci, and Romero.

Poche said, "I have been in love with zombie films for quite some time." He added, "This is not my first go around. I have directed many other shorts, including one that has been added to my page. This experience has gone a long way in helping me raise funding up to this point."

To ensure the success of each film, Poche has brought on many up and coming actresses including: Megan Porter, Christine Haeberman, Halie Islava, Kendall McCann, Mary Newman, Katrina Sherwood, Stephanie Danielson, Lora McHugh, Christina Johnson, Erica Rhodes, and Mindy Byram among others.

Richard Poche has been a director in the San Francisco, California area since 2002. Over the years, he has directed nearly 20 shorts and his work has been featured in many films including "The Fight Life" and "Corazon."

With the right funding, Poche and his team will be able to add special enhancements to the five shorts that are already in development.

For more information on this project, visit Poche's page. This provides more information on the project, while also giving the ability to contribute funding. There are also snippets from past work as well as the five upcoming short films.

"With the help of our backers, we will be able to make each film even better!"