LDR Holistic Offers Women Only Addiction Treatment in Canada

This press release informs the readers that there are options of addiction treatment for women in Canada and LDR Holistic Canada is one of the best centers offering this service.

Online PR News – 01-June-2012 – Canada – It is the shame and social stigma associated with drug and alcohol addiction that keeps many people away from the treatment centers. However, most people fail to realize that lack of adequate treatment at the right time can often lead to dangerous and even fatal consequences. This is particularly the case with female addicts, as well. When a woman is addicted, she subjected to a lot of misery and is ostracized by mainstream society. Moreover, many people are completely unaware of the fact that there are treatment options exclusively available for women. LDR Holistic rehab are pioneers in introducing female-centric alcohol and drug treatment in Canada. Therefore, if you are worried specifically about a female addict, you can be assured that you have made the right decision by bringing her to this facility.

In fact, LDR Holistic Rehab Center has established a solid reputation as one of the leading drug rehab facilities for quite some time now. However, it was only in the recent days, that the center adopted the program for females, so that specialized approach can be offered for treating the addiction program in women. The quality of the addiction treatment program is uncompromising. The treatment program that is offered to the addicts here are completely holistic in approach and aims at addressing the physical and emotional aspects of addiction.

During the entire course of the treatment, the women addicts are completely restricted from the use of any mood-altering substances, and the treatment measures adopted at LDR Holistic also incorporates the complete twelve-step approach into its program. The treatment strategy does not stop with this. The center also places top priority for its aftercare program, to ensure that the women completing the treatment program do not fall into relapse.

According to a senior official at the LDR Holistic Drug Rehab, “We understand that the addiction treatment program that we offer to women is hard to achieve, but we are happy that our women addicts have successfully overcome this difficulty through our training. The contribution of our female staffs cannot be ignored because they carry out natural and comprehensive processes to help the female addicts respond to the treatment and achieve successful recovery. In fact, our professional addiction program for females can help the women addicts to re-discover themselves. We are hopeful and confident of the fact that the female addicts at our center can lead the life of recovery in the near future.”

The specialized program for females adopted at LDR is comprised of life skills workshop and counseling sessions as well. These kinds of drug rehab facilities are generally focused on a wide variety of issues ranging from anger management, priority assessment, and relationship building that benefits the patients in the long run. Consequently, it helps the women addicts to successfully step out from the world of addiction and live a completely healthy and addiction free life.