Minnesota Mom Puts Life in Storage and Hits the Road.

Anonymous blogging mom declares 6 month long traveling picnic.

Online PR News – 04-June-2012 – Stillwater, MN – Minnesota Mom Puts Life in Storage and Hits the Road.

May 30, 2012

In a move reminiscent of Eat, Pray, Love or Under the Tuscan Sun, a Minnesota mom has put all her worldly belongings in storage, said goodbye to friends and family and has taken to the highways and byways of the nation, destination unknown.
The recently divorced mom, going only by the pseudonym Friday, describes herself as an “unemployed, almost 50, menopausal, nestless, empty-nester”. In taking to the road until snow flies, she is following a yearning to discover who’s out there, what they’re doing, and what she can learn from them. She’s also hoping to find a place that steals her heart where she can drop a taproot and start her life over.
Guiding her will be her intuition and connections that she’s made through social media over the past 4 months since launching her better lifestyle blog I AM FRIDAY. She’s planning to make as many of those virtual connections F2F IRL as possible.
What’s the goal? According to Friday, “Put miles on my car and take miles off myself and to discover my next home and start over. I’ll be blogging my journey, my discoveries, my connections and my insights as I go. I want to live intuitively versus through my thinking. I’ve been a strategic planner and small business manager for much of my career and now I’m just yearning to listen to the still, small voice inside and see where it leads.
My choice to do this is not negatively affecting anyone or anything. I lost my home and my job in the divorce, my only child is happily established at a university she loves in a city she loves, my family is crazy supportive, my friends are too, my horse is leased to wonderful people and my credit card isn’t maxed out yet.
I could follow the conventional wisdom and put my resume together yet again, start job-hunting yet again, minimize my expenses yet again and be where? So instead, I dropped my overhead completely, shrank my life to myself, my MacBook Pro, my Nikon cameras, my Toyota Highlander Hybrid and a really really big Thermos and got out the road atlas. I want to take the next 6 to 8 months and travel and live in some really big important questions. Like: why not?”

You can follow Friday on her blog: IAMFRIDAY.ME, or find her on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest at 1Friday At A Time. For additional information, contact Friday via email at: discoverfriday@gmail.com.