Global Reserve and Finance, Ltd. Opens the Door to the Off-Shore World

For potential depositors and investors the New Zealand Offshore Finance Company is a safe, respected, viable alternative to on-shore banking services.

Online PR News – 19-June-2009 – – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Global Reserve, a Bancorp for Everyone

(Auckland, New Zealand – June 19, 2009) Global Reserve and Finance, Ltd. Opens the Door to the Off-Shore World

How does the ordinary investor get to benefit or participate in offshore investments? The answer is quite simple: Ownership of offshore investments or accounts via an offshore juridical entity, such as Panamanian International Business Corporations, Trusts, or Private Interest Foundations. Many discriminating depositors and investors have benefited from the safe, confidential, and low taxation environment that an Off-Shore banking account has to offer. By having bank accounts and other assets controlled by your entity makes it very difficult to discern ownership and to assign personal liability through a standard asset search. Placing assets into Off-Shore companies and legal structures can offer a strong layer of protection from future liabilities. Forming Off-Shore companies and titling assets to the company, means they are no longer tied to your name. Therefore your assets can be shielded from a legal opponent, judges and court rulings simply by incorporating offshore.

Global Reserve and Finance, Ltd. is a premier provider of Off-Shore services. While the company does not actually register Off-Shore entities, it does coordinate the registration of Off-Shore entities with Off-Shore administrators to meet its client's needs. “We can help you take advantage of a world of opportunities. So if you’re looking for banking services which can offer you dedicated international business expertise and personal guidance with a truly global reach, then we are your firm,” states a spokesperson for GRF.

Historically, access to Off-Shore banking was only afforded to the extremely wealthy, and usually required travel overseas, and a substantial amount of paperwork and documentation. It was very burdensome to the client; no matter what financial sum was involved. Global Reserve and Finance, Ltd. sought to remove these obstacles and the current misconceptions about the industry.

Since its inception, Global Reserve and Finance has successfully guided its clients in the following areas:

* Anonymity
* Asset Protection
* Lawsuit Protection
* Taxation (varies depending on your jurisdiction)
* Income Splitting
* Financial Privacy
* Wealth Generation
* Estate Planning and inter-generational transfer of financial holdings
* Investment Diversification

“Although we are not in the business of giving investment advice, we do provide recommendations to our clients about the types of responsible investment choices and prudent business options available. We here at Global Reserve will personally work with you to ease the transition from the ‘On-Shore World’ to the Off-Shore World.”

About Global Reserve and Finance:
Global Reserve and Finance Ltd. is headquartered and incorporated under the laws of New Zealand. In accordance, Global Reserve and Finance must comply with the Companies Act 1933, the Fair Trading Act 1986, the Financial Reporting Act 1993, as well as other consumer protection legislation. The company offers CD’s, savings accounts, commercial lending, estate planning, and access to hedge fund and trading platform services. To learn more about GRF visit their website