Richmond Outreach Center Rejects Parenting Trends, Teaches Lasting Parental Tools

TIME Magazine story, "Are you Mother Enough?," talked about the concept of attachment parenting. It has created a strong controversy among parents. The Richmond Outreach Center does not agree with some of the latest trends, and provides their own parenting tools.

Online PR News – 31-May-2012 – Richmond, VA – Parenting trends are constantly changing, but one has seemed to hit a nerve with mothers, according to an article in The Huffington Post written by Barbara Greenberg. TIME Magazine recently published "Are You Mother Enough" a story focusing on attachment parenting. Greenberg, author of "Teenage as a Second Language: Becoming Bilingual," said the TIME Magazine article suggested that one way of parenting is more superior to another. Richmond Outreach Center, a Richmond-based ministry, says parenting trends come and go, but God is always consistent.

Teenage as a Second Language: Becoming Bilingual

Greenberg said many books have been written about parenting styles, but few delve into how those styles affect the parents themselves, their relationships and their careers. While Greenberg was pregnant, people were quick to open doors, carry groceries and give up their bus seat for her. But after the baby was born, Greenberg no longer received the same treatment. Instead of asking how she was feeling, it was "How's the baby?" or "What’s she doing these days?" Greenberg appreciated the inquiries into her child's well-being, but was disappointed there lacked any concern for her health. Greenberg started to feel invisible – almost like a shadow in the background as everyone cooed over the baby.

Of course, Greenberg acknowledged that most mothers are doing the best they can with their children, especially when it comes to teenagers. Raising a teen is a delightful, yet very stressful experience, she said. Teens are temperamental and go through various mood swings. A simple, "How was your day?" can lead to a teenager spewing out hateful words, running upstairs and slamming the bedroom door. For the rest of the night, the teen stays cocooned in the bedroom, while the parents are left wondering how one question went so terribly wrong.

The Richmond Outreach Center rejects modern parenting trends, such as attachment parenting. Instead, Richmond Outreach Center offers its own ministries to help parents raise children. Ministries cater to single mothers, parents with teens and other fathers and mothers looking for some support during a joyful, yet often difficult period in their lives. Children are also invited to participate in several educational and outreach programs at the Richmond Outreach Center.

"The Richmond Outreach Center teaches parenting principles straight from the Word of God," said Geronimo Aguilar, senior pastor and founder of the organization. "Whether you are an expecting mother or parents of all-aged children, the Richmond Outreach Center has a ministry to help with your child-rearing."

The Richmond Outreach Center was founded in 2001 as a non-denominational independent with a goal to connect people to Jesus Christ. The organization has more than 11,000 people involved in 150-plus ministries and was named the fastest-growing church in America by Outreach Magazine. Richmond Outreach Center has helped reduce violence, crime and other negative behaviors in the community. For more information, visit