ENVIROMENTAL TREND: ConsignPro Cites Green Movement as Catalyst Behind Resale Success

While consumers are benefitting from low-prices for high-quality items found at consignment shops, many are also considering the environmental implications of resale practices. Many stores are now using ConsignPro software to ease their daily business operations.

Online PR News – 31-May-2012 – Miami Beach, Florida – A recent CBS News report cites that the consignment store business is booming. America's Research Group estimates that 12 to 15 percent of American shoppers will be making purchases at resale shops this year. If those numbers are reached, it will be a five percent increase when compared to shopping rates in 2011. There are a lot of factors that bring in swarms of new shoppers, which has many store owners celebrating success and searching for more efficient ways to handle their daily business responsibilities. Thousands of stores have implemented the use of ConsignPro software as an easy-to-use solution when it comes to processing inventory and transactional business.

Increased interest in consignment shopping means store owners are witnessing more inquisitive customers. According to the report, stores such as the Texas-based, Clothes Mentor, are combating stereotypes associated with consignment shopping by providing a closer look at products. In the past, many shoppers have interpreted consignment to mean that products are low-quality, damaged or out-dated, but the employees at Clothes Mentor make sure their items are in top form.

Sales clerks pay close attention to styles and the conditions of clothes to determine whether they will purchase them for resale. After they find top-notch clothing, employees use common tactics to entice customers, such as creating vibrant window displays. The article goes on to share the shock many customers have when they find out that expensive-looking items cost less than what they originally expected. What America’s Research Group has found is that this trend for bargain
shopping has consumers realizing the environmental effect their purchases have as well.

People who want to contribute to the green movement are being less wasteful by selling their lightly-used clothes to resale shops, which then are purchased by another person. In short, it is a very basic, yet effective form of recycling. Brian Wilson, creator of ConsignPro software, encourages this environmentally-aware behavior. The program, produced by Visual Horizons Software, promotes a greater influx of items and customers, as it allows management to spend less time worrying about tracking inventory and sales, and more time increasing the quality of their services and providing top-notch customer care.

For Wilson, ConsignPro solutions are a part of the consignment revolution. When analyzing the economic and environmental influences, Wilson adds, "Combine the recession with the green movement and you've got two great reasons to be a resale shop owner in 2012."

ConsignPro software, originally developed in 1996 by Brian Wilson, has become an integral part of more than 3,000 consignment establishments across the country. The application allows flexibility for store owners, as it provides a myriad of features that track transactional business. The company also provides services for online stores and tools that simplify business procedures, such as label printers and price scanners. ConsignPro representatives provide excellent customer care and respond to feedback with continuous updates that evolve the software as trends in technology change.

For more information about the product, visit www.consignpro.com.