New Children's Book Released By MaSSiMo

Curious Kids Books has just released their latest new children's book, Jack's First Nitmir by Amazon best selling author Massimo. An engrossing children's short story about the methods Jack uses to deal with his nightmares and how he finally gains victory over them.

Online PR News – 30-May-2012 – Edinburgh Scotland May 30 2012. – Jack's First Nitmir is a short story written with children ages 3-9, in mind. As parents, creativity is harnessed as they find ways and means to deal with their day to day scenarios with children. Children aged 3-9 commonly encounter nightmares. In his latest children's book, Massimo combines some creative ideas using "children's language" helping children explore their own experiences and help parents in dealing with kids nightmares, overactive imagination or real fears. As ever, there are valuable life lessons woven into an engrossing short story about the methods Jack uses to deal with his nightmares and how he finally gains victory over them, while at the same time wrapping these valuable lifes lessons in an entertaining and heartwarming childrens tale, told with an honest simplicity kids can understand and relate to.

The room is pitch black...A Terrible Monster with big beady eyes and sharp teeth is coming closer. Slowly.. slowly the monster stalks his prey in the dark room. The monster opens his mouth showing his sharp teeth...Inch by inch he prepares to strike his prey...In the silence of the dark room, a poor child lays, paralyzed. Gripped by the terrors of a nightmare, all they can hear is their heart beating so fast! The monster is getting closer, the child is shaking. Then as the big monster prepares to take hold of his prey...then the light is turned on! The monster is gone! Poof! Vanished! Parents appear at the door, just in time.

Is this happening? How does a parent deal with children's nightmares? Are there ways you can stop a child's nightmares?

Whatever keeps a child awake at night, chances are it stems from an active and healthy imagination.

While most kids are able to tell the difference between reality and fantasy, to a child with a vivid imagination the monster in a nightmare can seem as real as the bed itself. The key is to enable anxious children to put their creativity to better use.

MaSSiMo takes children on a voyage of inner discovery where they will learn valuable life lessons such as, "Tell your child imagination is a gift. Not every child is blessed with a great imagination. When your child is having fun drawing, creating things or putting on a show, it’s enjoyable for everybody. Fears are the flip side of imaginative talent. Tell them ‘You have an amazing imagination,’ then they feel proud."

"Emphasize control. Sometimes a childs imagination can veer into scary territory, and children need to know that theirs can work for or against them. Instead of controlling their minds, anxious children often try to control their circumstances and family instead. That could mean anything from elaborate bedtime routines to fend off monsters. Parents should stress that just as we control our bodies — when we sleep — we also need to be in charge of what direction the mind takes. From there, try “graduated exposure” to the source of fear, whether that’s a dark bedroom or school bus ride. Over time your child will build faith that nothing catastrophic will happen."

"Draw it out. Get kids to draw pictures of the monsters in their closets or under their beds. “I look at the picture and I go ‘Wow, look at this monster you created. This is great. How did you come up with this? Does your monster have a name? Well, name it! It’s your monster,’” I say. This helps reinforce that the fears are something your child has created. Interestingly, even the kids who keep everyone up all night with their worries don’t want to put their monsters — or monster drawings — into the real or proverbial rubbish bin."

"Explore the inner movie. What goes on in our minds is even more vivid than the movies we see because we’re the main characters. Ask lots of questions to find out what’s occurring in your child’s inner movie during anxious periods; you’ll be amazed at the creativity it takes to make such a complex scenario: “What do you see?” “What are you doing?” “Who else is there?” “What happens next?” With a clear picture of the storyline, you can offer suggestions to steer the plot to a happier conclusion."

"Remind your child of past successes. Compare taming anxiety to other areas where he’s had to work hard to master a life lesson. This gets across that persistence can pay off with a runaway imagination as well. Lessons for parent and child alike to learn and share together."

Jack's First Nitmir (published by Curious Kids Books, May 2012, and currently on promotional offer £2.63 and $4.12 on and will be available in print shortly and as an ebook. It is available online and can be ordered from The Book Store and on Kindle. For more information please visit

Curious Kids Books Ltd publishes and sells quality, educational chidren's books which inspire the habit of reading in children.

About the author: Massimo is a freelance writer who turned to writing children's books through the inspiration provided by his own young son. His first book, The Child Who Finds Money, came from Massimo's real life experiences with his own young son going through the tough job of growing up and because they are a constant source of great, real material for inspiring and educational children's books.

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