Sino Americas, LLC to Broaden Trade Between China and the Americas

Steven D Pinkert, President of Sino Americas, LLC, announces initiative to increase export of Chinese goods to South America

Online PR News – 02-June-2012 – 5/25/2012, Coral Gables, FL – Coral Gables, FL Sino Americas, LLC launches a vision of broadening trade between China and the Americas. Sino Americas, LLC was created in order to increase the export of Chinese goods into South America by providing forward bases to serve the needs of Chinese companies. Founded by a team of highly educated professionals, the members of the Sino Americas team have an excess of 30 years of involvement in China business both in Chinese domestic companies as well as foreign joint ventures.

Maarten Mobach, Chairman of the Board, is an Economist, Founder, and Managing Director of Global Project Management and Consulting Services, LLC. Mobach has over 30 years of experience working with highly diversified global clientele and is well networked across the world. Since 1995, Mobach has focused on China government and trade relations between completing successful negotiations with major Chinese corporations.

Steven Pinkert, President, has received his MD from Northwestern University Medical School, as well as a Law degree and Masters Degree in Business from the University of Miami. Pinkert is co-founder to his own law firm, Pinkert & Marsh, P.A., and additionally owns his own consulting business focusing on China, the Caribbean, and latin America. He has served as an advisor and consultant for many international ventures including Chinese market entry and joint ventures, Chinese funding for global projects, Chinese product manufacture and distribution into Latin America, and more.

Among others, the team has extensive involvement with both Chinese government companies and privately owned Chinese and foreign companies including financial institutions, insurance companies, trade organizations, manufacturers, import and export companies, and service companies.

The team at Sino Americas has been working with Chinese companies providing logistics consulting for Latin America, including work with a large Japanese Motor Company and several key suppliers. The experience with demand, reorder points, and inventory management is important for Chinese companies that seek further penetration into the Latin America market.

In recent years, Sino Americas, LLC, has been actively involved in cross-promoting commerce with a particular emphasis on trade between China and Latin America. Sino Americas can help to increase market penetration in Latin American destinations. Most impressively, the Sino Americas team maintains excellent relationships with both government and business leaders in many countries and these relationships are often useful in assisting client's needs.

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