The new game art from Zatun!

Zatun is a video game development company, based in Ahmedabad, India that has just released a new, fascinating game, “The Legend of Vraz”, an innovative combination of the legendary Mario PC game and the popular Prince of Persia.

Online PR News – 02-June-2012 – Ahmedabad, Gujarat, – Again proving its cutting edge, ingenious take on the art of game developing, Zatun, which is also renowned for iPhone game development, as well as for Android game development, is now pleased to announce the release of “The Legend of Vraz”, an engaging arcade game that has its foundation on an old Indian legend. Putting into practice its famous 3D modeling creativity, Zatun has succeeded in creating a game that appeals not only to video games buffs, but to people of all ages and interests. The story line of the game, which is a first in terms of Indian miniature painting style, sits at the basis of its adventurous pattern, presenting the challenges a brave prince has to face to win the love of a princess. A truly fresh approach that Zatun has taken in the development of this game is the exploration of the cultural background, an unusual feature for video games. But all efforts where worth it and Zatun's new creation has been awarded the Best PC game in 2010, by the FICCI BAF in Mumbai. So dare to travel the world of exotica with Prince Vraz and Princess Avi, for just $19.99!

Although Zatun has focused greatly on iPad game development lately, the distinguished company has done a beautiful job with “The Legend of Vraz”, mixing retro Mario features with classic Prince of Persia characteristics that will enchant game fans everywhere. By far, the most impressive feature of the game is the 2D graphics, which is a nice re-direction from the 3D modeling that Zatun has got its fans used to, an impeccable hand pained graphic design in a traditional Indian style. The gameplay makes use of excellent audio effects and soundtrack, much like all the other Zatun releases from the iPhone game development service or the Android game development, and amazing visuals, introducing the player to a fantasy world that completely captivates one's mind. The love story between the prince and the princess is just a leitmotif for the great adventure of Prince Vraz, who must complete five different tasks to win the princess's hand. The tasks may sound simple, win 100,000 coins or gold, find the brightest red rose, find the diamond studded heart, then a traditional sword and finally a traditional horse, but their fulfillment will challenge the players' reflexes and logic.

Zatun pleasantly surprises all game enthusiasts with this new, original approach to the usual violent games of this sort, making it appropriate for children and people in all age groups and managing to bring some culture into the gaming experience. The company, highly appreciated for iPad game development and for its 3D animation skills, has now combined splashes of human essence into a Windows PC game that teaches us about love, bravery and forgiveness!

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