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I am a programmer at a big company and as you all know we often time have to use the binary codes. I have got so used to them that I can read them even if you wake me up in the middle of the night. I think that it is simple to do that, maybe it is because I am used to it.
Programmers, there is finally a led watch gadget for you!
However, on one of my birthdays my wife gave me a present. Guess what it was. It was a Binary watch that shows the time in binary. It looks very modern and stylish and it is black (I like black color very much.) I liked the Kerala Trance (that is the name of this model) at first sight because first, it looks cool and second, it uses binary code to show you the time.
The other thing is that it has two rows of LEDs to show you the hours and the minutes.
There are six LEDs with six numbers below them: 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1. With help of these numbers you can show any number up to 63 (Well, you need only 60 of them). In order to see what time it is you need to press the function button and the LEDs will turn on and you will be able to tell what time it is. It is also very easy to adjust the watch. This gadget has been created for people like me that like their job and are used to binary codes.
You would ask me how it works. The upper row that indicates the hours has four LEDs. There are also four numbers above the LEDs: 8, 4, 2, 1. In order to find out how many hours it is now you just need to add up the numbers above the lighted LEDs. For example if the firs and the last LEDs are on it is the 8 and 1 then you just add it up and get the 9. It means that it is nine o'clock now. The lower row works just the same but it has more LEDs in it because it needs to display bigger numbers.
Besides, this binary led watch(http://ledwatcheshome.com/category-8-b0.html) will increase your adding speed and you will be adding numbers faster after you use this gadget for some months. There is also one good thing about it. In order to find out what time it is you need to think (to add some numbers). I heard from the news that the more you think the more you live. Some Japanese scientists that worked on that say that thinking makes you live longer. They even give out the portable play stations and games like it to old people. It turns out that this watch makes you live longer. This fact makes me feel better because it actually helps people. Well, I think that this watch gadget is very cool and I am very glad that I got one for my birthday.

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