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Online PR News – 25-February-2010 – – Resellers snapped up the opportunity to lift their LED Watch.

According to the dropship source LedWatchesHome.com the sales of LED watches in December rose 100% compared to sales in November after LedWatchesHome.com slashed its LED watch prices by 50%.

According to LedWatchesHome.com PR manager, the slash in prices and the increase in sales was no mean feet considering where they were already.

LED binary watch(http://ledwatcheshome.com/category-8-b0.html) prices have dropped to 30 US dollars and US 40 dollars in some cases.
"The popularity of LED watches for resellers in December was unbelievable," according to LedWatchesHome.com PR manager.
The 30% off sale was LedWatchesHome.com's way of increasing the profitability of a type of product that previously only came with a slim profit margin.

While Japanese and other LED watches are status symbol wholesale price was so high that resellers didn't make much profit from their sale.

However, LedWatchesHome.com's prices for LED watches were 1/6th of similar watches on the market delivering huge reseller profits for eBay resellers and drop shippers.(http://www.ledwatcheshome.com)

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