New From Book Marketing 101 Market Your Book on a Shoestring Budget
06/01/2012 released their newest book last week: “Book Marketing 101: Marketing Your Book on a Shoestring Budget” by Heather Hart is the companion guide to Self Publishing Coach, Shelley Hitz’s “Self Publishing Books 101”.

Online PR News – 01-June-2012 – Colorado Springs, CO – “Book Marketing 101: Marketing Your Book on a Shoestring Budget” was released Friday, May 18th by Body and Soul Publishing, and has already made the Amazon best seller list in all three of its Kindle categories. The paperback edition of the book is only 66 pages, but it gives a detailed overview of book marketing on and off the web from beginning to end.

The author of the book, Heather Hart, said that she wrote this book after hearing authors repeatedly express their frustration with not knowing how or where to successfully market their books. It is her hope that this book will help them to find the answers they’ve been looking for and successfully market their books without going broke.

While intended to be the companion guide to “Self Publishing Books 101: Helping You Get Published and Noticed” by Shelley Hitz, this book stands on its own quite nicely. Generating nothing but positive feedback, it is being described using words such as “Fantastic, Excellent, Inspirational, and Practical.” Both books are products of is dedicated to helping authors successfully publish and market their books. The founder, Shelley Hitz, has been self publishing books since 2008 and helps others through her personal experience. Heather Hart works as her website support and affiliate manager, and has been helping other authors since 2009. You can learn more about and all it has to offer at