Next Generation Streaming App Puts Focus on Artist Profit

101 Arena Launches as First Service Offering 100 Percent Payout on all net Advertising to Artists and Film Makers, Besting Spotify and Others

Online PR News – 01-June-2012 – Phoenix/AZ – PHOENIX…101 Distribution has announced the launch of 101 Arena, the first and only free streaming music service to pay 100 percent of all advertising revenue generated directly to artists and content owners. This solution comes in response to growing controversy surrounding marginal payments for unlimited listens through popular services like Grooveshark, Spotify, RDIO, Rhapsody and others.

“101 Arena will be the most functionally disruptive business model today's music industry will be forced to embrace,” said Damon Evans, executive director of 101 Distribution, the nation’s only full-service, independently owned music and film distributor that offers 100 percent payout to artists for all sales. “No streaming service in operation today can accommodate free consumer access and 100 percent ad revenue payout to artists.”

World-famous acts such as the Black Keys, Coldplay, Radiohead, Adele, Tom Waits, and more have made headlines for refusing to post their albums on streaming platforms. Artists argue streaming services receive the majority of the monthly advertising revenue and user subscription fees, while content owners receive only paltry royalty payments. In addition, traditional media formats are becoming secondary options for consumers, while streaming services are rapidly growing in popularity. The launch of 101 Arena will test 101 Distribution’s claim that popular services, such as Spotify, will only be as influential as artists allow them to be.

101 Arena’s revolutionary model (Infographic: The Downside of Streaming Music at: fairly divides all site advertising revenue between each artist based on ‘listens’ and was created by 101 Distribution, the nation’s only full-service, independently owned music and film distributor that offers a 100 percent payout for all digital, mobile, retail, merchandising, streaming and mail-order sales. The aggressive payout structure of Arena puts artists in position to net more monthly income than would be realized through services like Spotify, Rhapsody, MOG, RDIO and Grooveshark combined.

An innovator in film and music distribution, 101 Distribution is committed to protecting and growing artist control and profit – and has built this philosophy into content streaming with the launch of 101 Arena.

“We understand the impact streaming services will have on an independent artist's ability to maintain a viable career in music. It's hard to think about recording a new single, let alone an album, when the most popular platforms are paying out less than $.005 for an unlimited amount of monthly use,” said Evans. “We've made it possible for any level of musician to self-manage product sales for all media formats¬ including streaming-while keeping full ownership of their content and 100 percent of all sales profits and site advertising revenue.”

101 Arena allows users to stream singles, live shows, music videos and full-feature films in pre-programmed playlists generated from 101 Distribution's catalog, free of charge. Genres include: Hip hop/rap, rock/alternative, faith/inspirational, metal/hard rock, dance/electronic, film/video, country/folk and Latino and jazz/instrumental.

Different from other streaming services, users can skip singles they don't want to hear, replay any single multiple times and stream full albums from new artists they discover. 101 Arena is the first mobile destination that combines streaming audio and video with a fully enabled shopping cart for physical and digital content purchases. For artists, 101 Arena is included in the company's existing flat rate non-exclusive distribution offering and requires no yearly storage or renewal fees.

101 Arena is the stage for independent music and film. To experience 101 Arena, visit or text ARENA to 46101. For more information on 101 Distribution, visit